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Roubo-style Workbench Introduction

This workbench is based on a design by the 18th century French carpenter and author André Jacob Roubo. Guido Henn, the German master cabinetmaker, built it for Fine-Tools.com. Henn has 20 + years of experience as a woodworker, teacher, and has written for a number of woodworking publications. A modern adaptation with high-quality accessories first became possible because of the hardware developed and produced by the American manufacturer Benchcrafted. As Henn built the prototype bench, we also drew up a detailed set of plans and made explanatory videos so that any reasonably experienced woodworker could build their own Roubo-style workbench.

All plans and instructions are free and can be downloaded here:


  1. Vou fazer uma

  2. Can i use it for threesome?

  3. Yoelvis Ortiz Delgado

    Hello I’ve been very surprised by how practical and useful table carpenter,
    I really like and I congratulate him because it is the best I’ve seen.
    would you be so kind to give me the plans and measures to build one. thank
    you and God bless you.

  4. Jim “Jai Explorer” Irvin

    The plans are available at the link in the description.

  5. linda muchacho…..

  6. eu quero!!!!!!

  7. X buenas noches me parece magnífico el vídeo que acabo de ver sobre un
    banco o mesa de trabajo en carpintería es la mesa más completa misa misa
    más completa que visto en mi vida felicidades

  8. save your money. Its overkill.

  9. Jose Juan Zuñiga Hernandez

    lo de la cama ya fue demasiado gggg pero me saco una gran sonrriza 😂

  10. Single Bed.

  11. Muito bom ok

  12. versatil, muito bom ,very good !!!!!!!!!

  13. Vou confeccionar uma dessa

  14. Excelente, tengo un banco antiguo lo reciclare, No entiendo Ingles, pero me
    sirvió mucho verlo trabajar, Muchas Gracias Señor,

  15. banco de carpinteiro e cama de pu nunca se oucupa!!!!

  16. arnulfo acevedo soto

    cuanto valen los planos en PDF.

  17. Hi from Paris. Good job, perfect woodworking table, so nice thanks.

  18. This is one AMAZING wood workbench! Thanks for the detailed instructions
    and plans!

  19. eres un genio!!!


    como obtengo los absesorios de este banco lo e contruido similar

  21. me gustaria hacerme uno. alguien sabe donde conseguir los planos y piezas?

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