1. Yes I like this mobile shop very much and will use it to make my small shop
    with. My room is like 18′ by 7.5 ft almost like the truck.

  2. Hey Ron I don’t see much about the dust collection in the sketchup I could
    be wrong and will look again. I see its made out of pvc pipe and would love
    more info on parts used and how you made adapters. Don’t you wish they
    would stick with one format. I see a lot of festool and thats great for the
    ones that want to spend that kinda money and they do make some good tools
    like there router but for the price will pass. Anyway great job on all that
    you have going on with the plans you sell on your pg

  3. Ron one question on the right side of the truck looking in top unit above
    work bench is 9′ 5″ was that done in two equal pieces of plywood can’t
    really see where the spice is made. Just getting some cutlists together for
    my room or most of it.

  4. John, that side is made up of two section. They are not equal: I used a
    full 8′ then added on the additional lengths. I reversed them for strength
    so the top is to one side and the bottom to the other. They are joined with

  5. Thanks Ron will try over the winter and make one case at a time till we are
    finished. I think it will look really cool after also. If I get to the
    workbench will have the storage area for it. I use a track system also but
    not the green guy. I’m sure there will be more question down the road. 

  6. As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! ~M~

  7. WOW! That is just BOSS! I work for a small carpentry outfit and am working
    on plans for my inshop workstation. All of the stuff you have shown has
    given me a lot to think about. I know if I saw a truck like that roll up to
    my house to do some work I would know I have the right guy on the job. 

  8. The BOSS? I think that is my wife’s title;0)

  9. Mike, you bet. I enjoy making the videos. Now, if only work didn’t get in
    the way of making them more often.

  10. Really cool and really impressive! Thanks so much for the video. I was
    looking for ideas for setting up my Ford econoline van not as a shop of
    course but just efficient tool and martial storage. You gave me some great
    ideas. Way cool!

  11. Wow great video I got I lot of ideas recently ordered a 7×14 v noce trailer
    and I been looking for ideas for storage. I do flooring for a living Tnx
    great video again!

  12. I will be installing 1700′ of ¾” nail down pre-finished oak in about two
    weeks. I moved the wood into the house two days ago without any young help
    and I am still sore.

  13. Ron, I came across your video as a “happy accident” & WOW…AMAZING… love
    the way your brain works!! I went to sketchupwarehouse [with a .com after
    it] & put in your info but was unable to get a hit on you at all. Did I go
    to the wrong site??

  14. To be sure, I just now Googled “sketchup warehouse” and it was the first
    hit. After getting to the warehouse, I searched “Paulk Mobile Woodshop” and
    it was the only model that came up. Note: SketchUp is no longer Google, but
    rather Trimble. Hope this helps, Ron

  15. Oops, I just found it under Goggle’s sketchup… there were a few sites
    that came up when I googled sketchup warehouse & I am unfamiliar with the
    type of program so it was confusing. I found it under “sketchup.google” [
    with a .com after it] :)

  16. Ron Paulk’s Mobile Wood Shop

    Wow! I just noticed that the Mobile Wood Shop video is nearing ¼ million
    views. It must be, at least in part, a solution for many.

  17. Yes it is. Did my truck up now it’s time to tear it apart and make it nicer
    now I know how I like things.

  18. Thanks Ed. I enjoy being organized so I can focus on the project and not
    searching for tools. I hope all contractors and hobbyists can find at least
    some bits of this will work for them.

  19. round here you would get your van stolen – no respect for a man’s
    livelihood and so common impossible to insure your tools 

  20. Nick, towing a trailer is not problem as the truck is an F550.

  21. Vraiment bon truc, Merci pour ton vidéo.

  22. +francois menard De rien

  23. you sir showed off on the build. .respected, nice work

  24. Ron Paulk I would love to get the measurements of the cabinetry in you
    trailer. I have lots of tools like you do and a 20 ft trailer

  25. nice !!!!!

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