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I dropped by my local antique store today and came away with 4 beautiful tool treasures. Four tools for $32. Restoring old woodworking tools,

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  1. Wow, great deals! I vote for the drill first as well. I’ve picked up a
    couple low angle block planes and the problem I’m running into is with the
    adjustable throat. They are always frozen shut. Any suggestions on how to

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  5. I like your passion but you didn’t restore any tools in this video, title
    is kind of misleading.

  6. +Tim Thompson >

  7. +Tim Thompson >>> *__*

  8. i really want to do traditional woodworking so i want quality tools like
    yours. So my question is where do you buy these tools?

  9. thrift stores or eBay I’m guessing plus yard sales.

  10. +Sparky Cat thank you! i live in the Netherlands so i gues ebay is my only

  11. Does anyone know where he picked this up?

  12. a little frustrated with the title of this video. there is zero restoration
    done. this is just a haul video.

  13. Defiant-Knives LLC

    good deals but horrible video considering the title!

  14. Rebecca Donaldson

    The bits which came with the $10 Brace look like they came from the large
    Stanley “Yankee” pump screwdriver.

  15. My spoke shaves have numbers 51 and 54 (and one unmarked) any idea what the
    difference would be? My 51 looks pretty much dead on like your 151. Thanks!

  16. Marc Andre Butty

    Your plane looks like my Stanley 9 1/2….

  17. Marc Andre Butty

    Your plane looks like my Stanley 9 1/2….

  18. Block plane is probably a Sargent 307. You’ll note the number on the inside
    of the cap iron.

    Admittedly I’m late to the party.

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  20. where are you getting this stuff!!!!!!

  21. So jealous of the plane and the $5 spoke shave! Great finds.

  22. Looking for a Stanley Spoke-shave 151 like your grandfather’s one Cody. I
    want to be able to make some handles for my best friend Dan who helps me
    immensely as I am legally blind and he helps me so much. Sincerely, Robert

  23. I went out op shopping for the first time yesterday and as i was sorting
    through the final box of tools i was able to piece together an old brace
    for restoration. So very keen to get started and thank you for the

  24. I bought a bow of stuff in a auction for 5 bucks and in was a bit and brace
    with probably 15 or 20 bits

  25. Box not bow lol

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