1. I have an old trench shovel, with a wooden handle. Will this process damage
    the wood?

  2. I did every single step only this is I could not find Washing soda and I
    founded Borax but it did not work after 3 hours not a single bubble tried 2
    charger 2amp and 3amp. does work with Borax?

  3. No, it only works with sodium carbonate.

  4. Technically it will work with most any electrolyte since all we are trying
    to do is increase electrical conductivity in the water. But I wouldn’t
    stick strange things into that solution if I was unsure if they are going
    to involve themselves in any undesirable side-reactions. If you must use
    something else then you can use Baking Soda, or Sodium Bicarbonate, but it
    is somewhat corrosive to the metal.

  5. Yes it will turn your wooden handle into pulp.

  6. Thanks to this video I am in the process of restoring not one but two cast
    iron dutch ovens with lids. It will no doubt take awhile since the rust is
    thick as they have been in the weather for years. I found this video to
    “demystify” the electrolysis process and the tank construction easy to
    follow. My 32 gal tank with 24 gallons of water is working and bubbling as
    I write. The toughest part is the wait for the results. I like the idea of
    multiple anodes.

  7. How did the oven look after it finished? Did it achieve the results you
    were looking for?

  8. The ovens are still in process since while removing the rust I ordered some
    Crisbee conditioner and it still hasn’t arrived. The electrolysis process
    is amazing and I am very happy with the results.

  9. Would you recommend I do this if I just want the black finish?

  10. It did not seem to take off all the enamel.
    thanks for the video

  11. Where can I get the white wire he is using from and the specific car
    battery where can i buy that

  12. ok I figure out the battery part. its a Century 87105C Manual Bench Battery
    Charger, 55 amps, 6/12V

  13. Anyone knows where I can find a 22 x 22 x4 container or any wide plastic

  14. Would this technique work with cleaning a rifle’s receiver? My Diana 35 is
    getting rusty….

  15. As long as its plain steel or iron. Double check what the receiver is made

  16. Hi!
    Is the residual liquid dangerous to the environment?

  17. Arturo Terol García

    You are talking about iron, but it will work with steel aswell?

  18. chemically iron and steel is identical

  19. Good video, thank you!

  20. It will remove bluing. Be careful.

  21. Thank you guys for the information!

    I resorted for the pre 1980 penny technique, as some of you know it is
    basically rubbing off the rust spots and areas using a pure copper penny
    (pennies after 1980 are mostly zinc with a thin layer of copper) and then
    using a solvent that removes the copper film that developed by rubbing from
    the blued steel underneath without damaging the bluing.

    I rubbed it well with a 1975 penny I kept from a recent vacation to the US
    and got all of the surface rust off, but I didn’t use the solvent yet since
    it looks nice as it is after buffing it with a micro fiber cloth.

    Might as well preserve the rifle since I won’t be using it much by rolling
    it with cloth and hiding in in a dry place such as a closet or under broken
    tiles, just as our traditional firearm dealers did with Kalashnikov rifles
    back in the day.

  22. Iron = Iron. Steel = Alloy of Iron and Carbon.

  23. That plane was hardly even rusty!!
    Excellent presentation though, quick, clear and to the point.
    Next time maybe use something that has some heavy duty rust on it that the
    viewers are more than likely going to be dealing with.
    I would’ve just hit that plane with some wd40 and a little elbow grease and
    there’s no need for this elaborate process:)

  24. What happens if I hook up a car battery to this setup instead? I don’t have
    a charger.

  25. Is it going to remove chrome if i do this?

  26. Same thing will happen. 12 volts DC is 12 volts DC no matter where it comes
    from. I’d make sure your battery is fully charged first. Since you don’t
    have a charger I run it in your car or truck for a while to charge it up
    all the way. Or use jumper cables from your vehicle to the battery you want
    to use to charge it up.

  27. Wal-mart. Having the same battery charger makes no difference. 12v DC is
    12v DC.

  28. hi I sent mine up exactly like yours hooked everything up right but for
    some reason when I plug the battery charger and I don’t see any bubbling. I
    can’t figure out why the solution is not stirring and bubbling up. I’ve
    double-checked it a hundred times the battery charger is working I’m
    running 10 amps continuously and still no bubbles. any ideas?

  29. Hexavalent…

  30. Thanks- I hooked up my battery and it worked well. That electrolysis bath
    was really fizzing! The reason I asked first was because I didn’t know if
    it would be too much amperage going through it. My battery did take a
    beating after a couple hours, but I found a small 12v DC power adapter
    (actual output is about 14v) to use as a trickle charger to bring my
    battery back up to where it should be.

  31. I had the same problem, i figured it might be my battery charger being an
    automactic so it was looking for a battery before it would send out a
    charge, i just hooked it up to a small battery and then to the electroylsis
    set up using the battery as a go between so the charger reconised the
    battery and started to send out a current, worked a treat.

  32. it will work, mine did

  33. I had to use a battery once also. I get a kick out of my friends that see
    what I’m doing and tell it’s back woods redneck stuff then they see how
    good it works and want to do the same thing. LOL

  34. ok so I left the comment about hooking everything up exactly the same as
    you did in this video and couldn’t get it to work. I then went ahead and
    hooked my electrolysis set up to a regular 12 volt battery. then the
    electrolysis started working like a dream so obviously it’s my battery
    charger. what kind of battery charger do I need to buy so I don’t have to
    use my battery

  35. My guess is that you didn’t have the correct solution (water/sodium
    carbonate) or the correct ratio. A typical car charger will output 2,5, or
    10 amps. You battery probably pumped out some serious amperage. (200-500
    amps? not sure). Regardless, the higher amperage probably compensated for
    the incorrect solution/solution ratio. Having the correct solution/ratio
    means that you can use a lower amperage and maintain a safer system, much
    lower risk of hot wires and shorts.

  36. Would this low amperage electrolysis technique work well with stripping a
    10 inch cast iron skillet down to the bare iron, and how long do you guess
    this process will take a 2 amp trickle to strip a cast iron pan that’s full
    of nasty, old gunk, grime and rust? Also, can you please advise what gauge
    and type your white wire is, the gauge of the copper wire securing the
    rebar and the type of wire nut you are using to secure the wire and the
    copper together? Thanks!

  37. frankienphil9261978

    I just refurbished all my cast-iron pans using this method. It works
    beautifully. Time depends on size and how bad the piece is, it can range
    from just a few hours to a day or more. I just used wire coat hangers for
    the wire. Afterwards reseason with shortening applied to pan when hot then
    bake in the oven 375° for an hour. I typically do at least 3 layers of
    seasoning. When finished allow to cool slowly in oven.

  38. frankienphil9261978

    +frankienphil9261978 I wish I could post a picture so you could see just
    how well it works. They look better than new.

  39. So how are you supposed to know if your tools are stainless steel or not?
    My dad just died and he has a lot of old tools that are 30-80 years old
    that are all rusted. Since it’s dangerous to do Stainless, and i learned
    that stainless can rust, how can we know what metal it is??

  40. Is the white wire copper too, just coated? what kind of wire is the wire
    you used to hang the item and also hold it in the water?

  41. Stainless isn’t really magnetic like standard steel. If the magnet is
    strong enough sometimes you’ll get a very weak magnetic effect but nothing
    like steel.

  42. I have some old zinc anodes removed from my boat. They still have plenty of
    metal left. Can I used it as the anode in this application?

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