1. Lol the “fubble fairy” 9:02

  2. whenever i have nothing to do, i rewatch the week up to rocktards birth and
    afterwards for a while. 

  3. Sontard-Gavin Princesstard-Avia Babytard-Emmi Rocktard-Brock everyone knows

  4. no sht sherlock why do u think we dont say it Watching old vlogs

  5. I miss malachi 


  7. I definitely jumped at the spider part… 

  8. I feel really weird that I recently have been watching like all of your
    videos but your family is amazing and so entertaining. There is nothing
    more than love between you guys! I am jealous. Oh and Shay seriously don’t
    let anyone get you down about your weight, take it from someone who has
    suffered from an eating disorder. You’re awesome overweight or not
    overweight, and you say you’ve gained weight but it isn’t noticeable. I
    hope you read this because I have been really bothered by comments

  9. regarding your weight.

  10. daniellebealdixon


  11. Elizabeth Neilson

    Sontard and princesstard used to be so close before rocktard. Now it’s
    princesstard and babytard then donated and rocktard who are close. I wonder

  12. Elizabeth Neilson

    How the relationships now will change when the new baby is here.

  13. lol.. Cooper is wild with everything he does. So, energetic. I wish I was a
    kid again…

  14. I ❤️ princess tards hair! 

  15. I think this was my first or second vlog! ^-^

  16. 4 years ago today (June/7/14)

  17. funny dance sontard and bubbles

  18. he should get link out of his pants zelda might not like that ;)

  19. I can’t believe Avia was 5 in this video and how cute was she in the
    beginning? !? Anyways now she is 9 and such a wonderful girl. She’s so
    smart and just such a good person. Time flies 

  20. Anyone watching in 2016 💕

  21. trump 2016

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