1. I like your bench and the way you have done it, but one thing I dont get.
    Why you didn’t rotate that door on other side so the hole from door lock,
    handle, whatever will be other side?
    Same thing you have done with workbench without drawers.

  2. +Mislav Šljivac Because I wanted the part that I glued on earlier near the
    front. And I glued that part on the side with the lock because that side is

  3. Fair enough.

  4. I like your workroom ! Looking this video i took a lot of idea like the
    copier milling machine . Thank you Matthias !

  5. I’m not sure this one came out strong enough because you didn’t jump on top
    of it. Great video.

  6. hola como estan all a question at least no one who speaks Spanish

    hola como estan todos una pregunta al menos hay alguno que hable español

  7. +mircea motrescu *??????*

  8. +mircea motrescu *??????*

  9. +kuukaa88 No

  10. Массив Дуба | Solid Oak

    Very useful and great video! Thanks.

  11. Why do I never find materials like this in dumpsters

  12. quickie workbench eh lol, nice job as always dude (y)

  13. probably the most artistic workbench I’ve ever seen. it’s beautiful.

  14. now just take a photo of it with your blueprint paper film and you will be
    considered a brilliant contemporary artist!

  15. +Robby Fronzo Indeed. getting blueprint paper these days would be an art in

  16. kickback is a lot more fun without a sled. Just dont be in the way of the

  17. +Paul Hopkins right lol

  18. Nice work, but what is the point of mortise and tenon joints if the joints
    will be connected with hardware?

  19. +Renaye Brown Only two of them, the rest are glued

  20. know what i do on my quickie table? have a bunch of random sanders bolted
    to the bottom to give the table a nice motion ;)

  21. Yeah sure it’s a great design but who the he’ll has apantarouter

  22. Christopher Castano

    what size/where do you get your screws?

  23. Christopher Castano

    what size/where do you get your screws?

  24. Галым Бердыкулов

    where is your signature jump?

  25. Nice

  26. What do you have background knowledge in besides woodworking?

  27. Mortise and tenon joints are stronger than screws.

  28. Fixing my wife’s sagging drawers

  29. Is that a ready made machine for cutting the mortise and tenons?
    I’m interested in knowing how to make one.

  30. As if that is the only way to make mortise and tenon joinery. He doesn’t
    need to limit himself to the tools you have, just because he is driven
    enough to make a specialized tool and you aren’t. He’s just showing the way
    he does something. You could make the mortise and tenons with a handsaw and
    chisel to the same effect.

  31. how did you make that router?

  32. for more info click link in description (just like it says at the end of
    the video)

  33. I wonder if there is a shop named Dumpster

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