1. Genius

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Good stuff! I’ve always enjoyed PVC stuff just for this reason – it really
    begs a person to make stuff out of it.

  4. please say that this guy at least sells the the things he is making,
    because I have found it so hard to find anything of this quality. I have
    been searching everything I could think of for 3 days and this is the best
    I have seen in all of it. If he doesn’t have a YouTube channel PLEASE at
    least do a blog. Instruct ables is a great site for that. You can post how
    to’s with just pictures, videos or both. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS. I would
    love to see more.

  5. Александр Кацай

    вундер ёпта

  6. I was wondering,if you could make a portable stand,for saws?Like a chop saw
    or a table saw?Or would they something more substantial?My husband has all
    these stands for these kind of things,and I was wondering if you could
    consolidate them,onto one platform.Thanks.

  7. Tees are expensive

  8. татьяна котова

    Hello! It is your dream to make a chair from a PVC pipe with his hands, but
    never met a video how to do it, you would not mogdi help me show how to
    make a chair.

  9. You’ll have to contact him. He does exlalin how to use PVC piping either
    free form or otherwise.

  10. If you up the piping sixe, then sure. I’d start with a one inch pipe.

  11. He does not sell. He fishes most of the time. It takes up too much of his
    personal time. He is an absolute genius however. I would turn any projects
    over to more capapble local hands. He explains his process very well. From
    break down tables and storage etc. Make it a good day.

  12. I don’t know what your reply means. However I do wish you a fine day.

  13. He has some wonderful applications. damn genius this guy. Thanks for
    enjoying and visiting.

  14. Yes he is. He has performed many other projects. Hopefully I can shoot and
    post some more. Gotta love the ol’ folks.

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