Planning and construction of steel framed shed

This video shows the planning and construction steps for our 9m x 8m steel framed shed / garage / workshop. The council related information is probably of more use in NZ than elsewhere, but the rest of the steps are probably pretty similar. Total construction time was around 1 day for concrete and 2.5 days for builders.


  1. Coffs Harbour Glass Repairs

    Thanks for putting this vid up mate, most helpful.
    What brand shed is that?, looks more solid then some I’ve seen so far.

  2. Successful Engineer

    +Coffs Harbour Glass Repairs Hi there, that is a fair dinkum shed that was
    supplied through one of their resellers here in Rodney. The shed has been
    up for a year now, has seen some big storms and is still looking great. No
    leaks and no movement. I think most of these steel frame sheds are pretty
    similar, they are all a bit flimsy when not assembled, a lot of their
    strength comes from the shapes and bracing in assembly. I went with these
    guys because they ended up about $6k cheaper than the competition and am
    quite happy with what I got for the money.

  3. Awesome vid man, was really helpful

  4. I Find this Video quite helpful. Am doing this design report on a similar
    kind of project as what you got their. Anyways, I was wondering if you help
    me out by giving a rough sum u spent on the whole project including the
    earth works, materials, laborious etc..Cheers Brother..!!thankyou

  5. +steve tari Hey there, All up, concrete slab + kitset + assembly + drainage
    + council fees was around the $40k mark. Can definitely get away a bit
    cheaper if you manage the concrete slab part yourself, can also do the
    assembly yourself, but I think you would likely only save a few thousand
    dollars that way. Council fees were probably around the $4k mark (parasites)

  6. Thank you Brother..Am Studying Civil engineering at Unitec Institute of
    Technology..Thanks for the comment mate.!we’ll keep in touch.!!

  7. are you originally from south africa?

  8. Successful Engineer

    +Charl Naude Yep, but have lived in NZ for a fair while now.

  9. +Successful Engineer I’m from SA actually. Studying architecture at Tuks
    and watched your video for some help on a construction project so thank you

  10. Hi, how many thickness mm of the columns ?

  11. Successful Engineer

    +Fuat Er Do you mean the depth of the concrete piles ? If so, they were
    drilled to 600mm below ground level and were about 300mm diameter from

  12. Thanks for putting up the video. I have got a question for you, if it’s ok?
    are you considering to put some cables for light at nigh inside the shed?
    if so, will it be done underground cable? do they drill through the
    concrete slab too to run electrical conduit? do you know how is it done?

  13. what other companies did u ask for quote?

  14. Successful Engineer

    +Anderson de Souza Yep, I have the whole shed wired up. No need to drill
    through the concrete to fit conduit, although, you can fit conduit before
    the concrete goes in if you really want to. In this case, I just ran an
    underground cable from the house and came up with conduit beside the wall.

  15. Successful Engineer

    +Anderson de Souza I got initial quotes from most of the local installers
    and compared their ‘base’ prices. Decided to get ‘The Shed Company’ and
    Totalspan around to do formal site quotes. Totalspan was about 20% more
    expensive initially, so decided to go with the other guys.

  16. Olá.

    Sou discente do nono período do curso de Engenharia Civil da Universidade
    de Sorocaba-SP. Estou realizando algumas pesquisas para o meu TCC, no qual
    Vi que a empresa trabalha muito com esse método e gostaria de saber se
    podem realizar um orçamento para uma residencia popular? ou mesmo que
    tenham algum material relacionado ao tema e que possam ceder. Seria de
    grande ajuda.

    Obrigado desde já pela atenção.

  17. Successful Engineer

    +Alison Augusto

    Há uma empresa na Nova Zelândia chamada “Golden Homes” que constroem casas
    residenciais que utilizam estrutura de aço leve. Você pode ver se você pode
    encontrar algumas informações a partir deles ?

  18. Sorry about that, the dude’s name is Woody Hyezmar, was going to sell his
    collection of plans, now he’s giving them away hehe.

  19. +Successful Engineer Without cost breakout of what each aspect of project,
    it’s speculation as to what you might have saved. Contracting the site
    prep. is almost Khe rest is DIY….with a little help from a spouse. My
    guess! is that you could have saved 10K+

  20. I thought so, the rolling “r” 😉

  21. How thick did they make the slab?

  22. Successful Engineer

    Im pretty sure it was a 100mm thick slab, obviously very deep where the
    piles were drilled. I think that os pretty standard for these sheds. So far
    there are no cracks in the concrete.

  23. Dankie, waardeer.

  24. Concrete thickness is 6 inches (150mm) @6:43 “Framing 150mm above the
    gravel”. NICE!! That’s a good slab thickness. Great choice of colours. I
    designed and built my own shed (Townsville). 10.5 x 7 x 3.3 with a 7 x 7
    carport attached. Colour scheme exactly the same as yours. Colourbond;
    Wheat walls, Ocean Blue flashings, and zinc roof. The reason I’m watching
    this video is research! I’m now going to frame in the 7 x 7 carport and
    move the garage end wall to the end of the carport. A small 2.4 x 2.4
    rolladoor at the front so I can carry timber etc in to the work area. This
    is going to be my woodworking area. My newfound hobby. 😉 n Good to see a
    great build.

  25. hi, cool vid, ii am building me a 7.4 x 9 x 2.7 side entry totalspan. Im
    just at the building consent stage with mine and because i want my shed
    within the rurul 10 metre rule i am having to go thru a resource consent
    process, it is not that complex so long as you submitt as much info as
    asked, even more, especial really good photos in relation to boundry,
    direction of the sun etc etc.well done documenting your building proces,
    thanks heaps.

  26. Successful Engineer

    No worries, best of luck with your build!

  27. Successful Engineer

    Correction, 150mm slab thickness. Sterkte met die bou!

  28. because you poured the slab before you built the shed how have you sealed
    the shed around the edges where the corrugated wall sheets would leave gaps
    between concrete and sheet profile

  29. Successful Engineer

    On my one it is not sealed, but the way it is usually done if you want it
    sealed is to buy a plastic strip that matches the profile of the metal

  30. Dankie waardeer!

  31. cheers

  32. too much talk less info

  33. I’ve been studying building sheds and found a great resource at Wilfs Shed
    Formula (google it if you’re interested)

  34. Great vid. Thanks for putting the time into doing this. Current planning a
    garage conversion which means I will need a new garage and this vid has
    been helpful in understand the process, costs and timings. Thanks very much

  35. @WPJ004 has a good solution using fibre glass

  36. Hello, really informative video. Thank you. I’m planning on getting a
    garage built in Wellington to a smaller size than yours at 6×6 metres. What
    company did you use for the kitset? And did that company provide the
    builders or did you hire separate builders? Also if you don’t mind me
    asking, what did it cost you? thanks!

  37. Successful Engineer

    Hi there, I went through a local agent of ‘fair dinkum sheds’, the local
    agent had some contractors who did the assembly. The assembly guys had
    obviously done many of these as they were very fast and new exactly what to
    do in which order. Total cost including council, concrete, shed, assembly
    and drainage was around the $45k mark. Good luck with yours!

  38. Thank you very much for your response, fair dinkum exists here in
    Wellington too so will give them a call.

  39. DO NOT build with total span, their sheds are horrible. You can’t even walk
    on the roof sheets. The quality is poor.

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