Check out the latest video on the Paulk Homes Channel on the updated workbench: Paulk Work Bench II

This work bench was designed by a seasoned finish carpenter and home builder who saw a need and addressed it. This work bench is field tested and works. Beauty, Simplicity, Functionality describe this unique answer to an age old problem.

It is amazing to me the attention my work bench is getting. This unit is the basic idea fleshed out in a functional design a carpenter can build in his shop. I have many improvements and details, I will be adding to the design. The main upgrade I am working on is a design to make this unit mass produceable and shipable. I would be interested in getting feed back from those who think this might be a good tool to bring to the market.


  1. My first Youtube video is still going strong and just hit 400,000 views.


  2. Great design. Simple but very well done.
    I like the keys on the sawhorses.

  3. I was impressed when you moved the pieces of plywood more than the design of your bench. And I am in love with the design. Even though you were alone on the “set” making the video you still looked behind and around when moving the large pieces. By habit. I can’t tell you how many people I don’t work with anymore because they take the conduit or the 2 by 1 pull it back at the check out at home depot to show the cashier the barcode to scan and the don’t frickin look back! 

    Anyway, it impressed me. And most people are idiots

  4. Im new at this but why would you use that track thing w/ that circular saw when you got a table saw right there

  5. +Anonymous Mystery So many reasons: larger material is tough to move across a table saw and angles to name just two. Track saw 75% of the cuts Table Saw 25%;0)

  6. +Ron Paulk ..RON, AWESOME JOB !.

  7. Its a good idea but the workbench should be a heavy weight to withstand the un balance because of the table saw weight

  8. Love the workbench very unique and organized how do I get a copy of the plans so I can make one for myself

  9. Music plays fine but the audio is a bust. I can’t even understand it. Sounds like it is all bass.

  10. You are listening to the right channel only. This video was a long time ago and I did not realize the camera recorded mono in only one channel. When I listen to it with the Apple Thunderbolt Display audio, it is crisp and clear, which is another reason I didn’t realize the voice audio was only on the left. Over 600,000 have watched and listened, so I know it works for everybody else.

  11. I found that out afterwards. I tried using my headphones and found I could only hear it in one side. Then what I found out is that my speaker output seems to be off. Now I have to troubleshoot it.

  12. thought the holes were for bench dogs ? did I say that right .

  13. Love this design! Moving into new house with HUGE garage, and this is my first bench that I build…

  14. Nice Design, simple, effifient, portable!

  15. you can also use round bench dogs and add clamps to the end if you want. That is what I did. On the end oppisite where the saw sits I added a clamp on the end and then added a clamp on the side. The clamps can either clamp to the table side or I have holes in the top of the wood and you can use round bend dogs or just dowels to clamp long pieces. Much like the clamp on a traditional work bench. This thing has so many design ideas. You could also dado slots for t track right in the top that sit flush so it doesn’t interfere with the top. I don’t hang my table saw off it as I have a floor model table saw but I do use this as an outfeed table. So many ways you can modifiy this. I also build a clamp rack that slides in and out under the table top. You slide it out and all your clamps are right there. Great design. I am now designing a miter saw stand that will use the table top as a support on the left side with a removeable fence you can add or remove when you need to.

  16. Are there any less expensive clamps that will work with the holes (other than Festool)?

  17. I haven’t looked around myself, but the FT screw clamps I use are $43 for a pair. $21.50 for a good clamp seems fair and on par with other brand name quality clamps.

    You could search around for a knock off or try to modify an F-clamp.

  18. Can’t believe I’ve only come across this now… making one now for my home workshop in Perth, Western Australia

  19. Wow, How I have never seen this before is beyond me. Absolutely Awesome Ron. I dob my cap to you sir.

  20. Daaaaaamn! You look young! I have just suscribed and im loving your videos.

  21. Saw this bench outside a project on This Old House the other day in Detroit 🙂

  22. Pablo Andrés Morales Muñoz

    What about a vise for the workbench?

  23. Hi Ron! Just found your channel and subbed… I just bought the plans for your workbench… I see it is for a DeWalt 744… I have a DWE7480… I am not sure the mount is gonna work with the 7480… have you or have you seen anyone else modify plans for the 7480? Thanks! keith

  24. Way to go Paul… brilliant project!

  25. The problem with this work bench is that it’s a dust magnet, especially when a work saw is anyplace near it. This is exacerbated by the holes in the worktop and the side openings as dust from routers and the saw have an easy path to the interior. I’m just glad that I can blow my table out daily else I’d have a really hard time keeping everything clean.

  26. You’re uo to 600,000 views now and I can see why. This is an awesome design.

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