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Pantorouter dust collection hood

A surprisingly effective hood to collecting dust from the pantorouter. Testing it with cutting tenon joints, because that is the more difficult test.

The hood was sent to me for free, you can buy one here:

(I wish it wasn't so expensive, but that's the problem with small volumes). More on why it costs so much:

Updated: September 1, 2017 — 12:06 pm


  1. That’s a fabulous expression of genuine amazement on your face.

  2. At 1:13 you spelt actual as actaul. This can never be unseen now…

  3. looks like sia is on your pantarouter

  4. Didn’t expect this video so soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Why can’t you just use your dust collector

  6. I often tell people to “try and break it”. You sure gave it a red hot go!

  7. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

    How critical is the brush ring to performance? Could you improve the view by cutting out small sections of the brush and still have it provide adequate suction? ie: what if there was a 2cm gap every 2cm around the ring, OR what if there was just brush on the bottom half to catch and hold chips for the suction to work on? Hmmm.

    Neat that it actually works!

  8. That needs to be Mat’s new avatar ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. If the brush was just underneath, or had gaps then chips and dust would be thrown out through them. I do wonder how long the brush will last before it’s all frayed though

  10. InvalidMemberAccount

    seems like the collection should be below the router.
    seems like collecting done from the side is not aided by gravity.

  11. It has to be a full circle because the chips flew pretty much everywhere, which is sort of visible on the video.

  12. Summers Woodworking

    yay! success

  13. What about having the collecting hose piece located more towards the bottom? A little extra gravity help.

  14. Congrats on the good results, I think dust collection is a great feature to be able to include with your product.

  15. He covers that in his video yesterday, it would get in the way by hitting the table and limiting the movement.

  16. Watch his previous video and he talks about that.

  17. I meant still on the side but just a little lower with the opening just angled more towards the bottom.

  18. Yeah he tried that in his last vid, he put it as low as he could. It didn’t work all that well due to the added friction of building it out of wood and the convoluted path the chips had to take he figures.

  19. Dust collector is HVLP (high volume, low pressure) whilst the Shopvac is LVHP (I’ll let you work that one out). Because of HVLP, the dust collector can’t clear out the shroud when it blocks. The shopvac has no trouble clearing it. Shopvacs suck!

  20. if there was a 2cm gap every two centimeters there wouldn’t be any brushes left๐Ÿ˜‚

    just so i feel smart๐Ÿ˜œ

  21. I didn’t like to be kept in suspense…

  22. +Scott Verge yeah the wood one was really restricted.

  23. You don’t like how noisy the shop vac is? whilst using a router, really?……………

  24. I was going to do the same, but as I have seen Matthias, like he is canadian, he is gonna be nice about it. But as he is half german, he is going to be cruel. So, the most sure thing is that he is gonna be all -When you do videos do ir right, or stop bitchin'”, and you know what? he is right.

  25. do it* . When you do comments, do it right.

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comment.

  27. +Dustin The Ninja Yes and I am from the UK. Here we do not mind which word is used. We accept both as being the past participle of to spell. I understand that the US has a different outlook and I totally accept that. I’m sorry I spelt it wrong OK.

  28. +Alex Underwood dammit, you’re right. I looked into this in the past, thanks for the correction.

  29. For those of you that complain about the price an injection mold for that part probably cost in excess of $30K and he has done about two of them . the Plastic event though it is probably polycarbonate is not the cost it is how many he can expect to sell based on the salesof the PantoRouter it goes on The brush material is about $10/ft Far better marketing to do a You tube video and have it posted to the “Maker creators” What Matthias needed to do was run it without the hood to demo how much it throws out without it.

  30. For that you can just watch his other pantorouter videos lol.

  31. I’ve been following it for around a year now I do know how much it throws out as it is a router and they are known to be both dusty and have chips the more you remove the more of them to pickup. I’ve been using routers for about 50 years

  32. It would be way easier to 3d print this for that price! There are chemicals that will smooth the print too so it would work well.

  33. I’m using this hood for two weeks now. worth every cent. collects 100% of the chips.

  34. Personally, I’d try a smaller hole (reduce it on the side, keep the bottom.

  35. +Joshua Middleton You get a subpar quality with worst surfaces and worse tolerances.

    The company making the pantorouter is working at industrial scale. they are not going to buy an 800$ 3d printer and waste ages printing these things. If the amount of parts they are going to produce is high enough molding is a much better solution. They can just outsource it.

  36. Obviously you wouldn’t sell a professional product with a desktop 3d printer. Im just saying that I could easily make a similar device that works and cost way less. The company is selling those things for over 100 dollars which is rediculous. You wont need a super high precision machine to make these either so.

  37. +Joshua Middleton Yeah of course you can. I just mean: that is the most expensive option for scale production.

  38. Sir, you are a genius!

  39. I would have to believe that a clear shroud or hood with a sloped bottom would be cheaper.

  40. In your previous video you explained that the exhaust cooling air of the router needs to be redirected. Would anything stand against redirecting it into the dust collection hose (instead of just downwards) and using its venturi effect to aid in dust extraction?

  41. For that to be effective, you need a small amount of high pressure air, not a large amount of low pressure air.

  42. I just noticed that the Porter cable router has a little pin sticking out. Doesn’t that interfere with the mounting pieces, or is it removable?

  43. there is a notch in the mount to allow for the pin. But the rack for setting the depth needs to be unscrewed.

  44. Just a guess, but they’re selling it for $100 and hoping professionals will buy it. No doubt the metal pantorouter, made of aluminum stock, has about $15 worth of materials in it. But its a unique tool that a professional may find very handy and worth paying $970.

    Given than home built 3D printers are capable of finer than 0.1mm resolution, I but you could get some aluminum t-slot stock and print some brackets to build your own pantorouter for under $50 and it would produce very usable accuracy.

  45. +giantpune
    The price of the product doesnt only pay materials. There is research, production, equipment, fix costs, wages…

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