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Pallet Recycling With A Drill Powered Dismantling Tool.

How to take pallets apart with drill and a simple jig. Pallet dismantling has never been so easy. Anyone can recycle pallets with drill powered pallet pal tool.

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  1. I clicked on this just because I wanted to see how you use a drill to take
    apart pallets. Ingenious, but the Eizzy Bar Pro is probably quicker to use.

  2. +dlwatib Agreed

  3. I can’t believe you did not put a video showing me how to build that cool
    little Drill Powered Dismantling Tool for taking pallets apart…

  4. Although it seems like a relatively slow mechanism, but the concept and
    idea count, and I respect all people who employ their minds into actually
    inventing things.

  5. Maybe a compressed air ram may do the same but faster?

  6. What do you do with these recycled pallets??

  7. build furniture and projects with them

  8. You should be able to use regular threaded rod with a long nut so it
    doesn’t strip.
    I would say an inch or two of nut should give you enough mass on the
    threaded rod.

  9. hell man just use the jack or tell me why not. Goog luck

  10. I picked up an electric impact from the Chinese tool store for $30 once.
    That thing would make it very fast and have plenty of torque.

  11. WOW, you a Genius :)

  12. What do you the wood for.

  13. Excellent tool good market for that too well done.

  14. I love the way you think.

  15. Lacks the visceral satisfaction of a decent wrecking bar.

  16. How much are you going to charge for these?

  17. That’s what i thought about it, not destructive enough.

  18. Wow, I would never has guessed that.

  19. wow, a 6′ of fire fire hose sealed @ one end with nozzle for your
    compressor & do six boards @ a time before you get to taking the nails out.
    simple & easy ( just like me ) old man mike

  20. yes, or fire hose sealed @ one end & nozzle for intake of air from
    compressor – only six times to remove all side boards – old man mike

  21. I’ve seen people use pallet wood as either flooring or wall paneling.
    Looks pretty good as long as your design theme is rustic.

    I really don’t think pallet wood works very well for cabinet making
    projects. It’s just too damn rough.

  22. I don’t mean to be negative, but I see a few flaws in your plan, where do
    you get fire hose, do fire departments throw away old hose, how do you seal
    it, I don’t think duct tape would hold very good, and wouldn’t it take 10
    minuets for the average home compressor to fill it?

  23. nope young person. you BUY a short length,
    not to cheap, the have end of hose sealed &
    other end fitted with nozzle, you can’t make
    good tool for nothing.

  24. Hold On Pop I’m not that young, I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel
    yet but I’m getting close.
    I thought you were saying you could do it cheap.
    I guess it depends on how many pallets you plan to take apart whether it’s
    worth the investment.

  25. just use a rope…. twist it and it’ll get shorter.

  26. Maybe,but you’d need a fairly high power compressor those nails are in
    pretty hard,even staples can be difficult.Once one of the boars comes loose
    the hose will just keep expanding and possibly get punctured,making the
    whole process awkward and more trouble than it’s worth.

  27. That idea about the jack rod. Can you say wood vise? What an idea! Thanks
    for the tip. I may not build the pallet tool but the jack threaded rod for
    a vise, Heck Ya……

  28. no money that way.

  29. I like how it takes the boards apart in a way that they’re still usable.

  30. Oh boy… I’m disappointed.

  31. Great design. I’ve broken many of my hammer dismantling pallet.

  32. Are you chingon 👍

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