Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Organize at least part of your workshop with this modular, cubby-hole storage cabinet. Read the full article and download plans:

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This week, I'm recommending "SHED Your Stuff, Cahnge Your Life" by Julie Morganstern, to help you get organized for the new year.


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  1. I can guarantee that if I’ve never used it in 20 years the day after I
    throw it out – I need it. 

  2. The hutch is no more, but I do really like what you came up with Steve.

  3. I like it!! I’m a fan of simple…I have a lot of hand tools to even
    think about putting them on a board. I used to have a peg board but, like
    you, grew tired of it as it held things I didn’t use that often. It might
    be time for me to pare it down some (I just can’t seem to part with any of
    my tools).

  4. I have the same issue but I have found a soluiton. Every hoarder just need
    to dig into their treasures occasionally and just play with their stuff.
    Not to find something unused for 2 years but to refresh the memory of what
    you have AND more importantly to get an idea of what this certain piece of
    garbage can be used for. You see? Hoarding can fuel crativity! LOL

  5. +tobortine My solution is to create a “6 mos.” pile/box. I “throw things
    out” into the box and put the box in a special storage area. So the clutter
    gets out of my work area and it doesn’t feel so jammed up. If I haven’t
    gone looking for that stuff in 6 mos. out it goes. It’s not a perfect
    solution, but it’s one step in the right direction and away from having my
    life overrun by “stuff.” 🙂

  6. +Doug Dobbs
    Good idea. I might have to start doing something like that. Better than
    completely getting rid of things that you might need eventually, but allows
    you to get rid of things that you might not actually be using.

  7. I’m not a believer in “shop gods” but it’s my lame attempt to trick the
    shop gods into making me need stuff I’ve “thrown out.” 🙂

  8. Ok so here’s my hoarding issue. Different than most. I hoard photos. Family
    pictures! I have so many it’s difficult (impossible) to manage them. I’m
    sure it’s a similar hoarding issue like any other. Tips or tricks any wants
    to share…?

  9. \Skate-Make-Bike-Weld//

    When I saw that bin of random things, as a sculpture artist mostly using
    found objects and things that are free, I was drooling.

  10. Well done! Thanks! You’ve motivated us!!! LOL

  11. The more organized I try to get the more I seem to accumulate

  12. Tardis blue. Good color!

  13. at the 2:00 mark what is that attached to the hand held saw? Is that
    designed for that? Looks like something to help cut straight lines. Any
    details on it?

  14. “Shed your stuff” or whatever that book is called has been responsible for
    untold valuable junk being thrown away. It’s the ultimate philosophy for
    the disposable, consumer age.

  15. I’m going to get organized as soon as I figure out where my tools are.

  16. Albert Lagerman Account 2

    Free Plans!!! Faith in humanity restored. I’m so happy, even though I’m
    probably not gonna build this soon.

  17. Albert Lagerman Account 2

    lol ikr. I’m always setting my tools down and forgetting where they are lol.

  18. Im a minimalist hoarder

  19. If you want to see the king of organization and waste reduction check out
    the FastCap channel.

  20. Hi steve. Good vid as always. Got a question. I rent, and I have a basement
    that is concrete. I am not aloud to drill or attach anything to the walls.
    So, got any ideas how I can make some free standing storage racks? I am a
    amature woodworker, so I would ask for it not to be complicated if
    possible. Or at least something step by step.. Thanks…Michael

  21. yes that is true

  22. That moment you throw something out then realize you need it.

  23. Jason McCabe (Camulas)

    Do you think it would be practical to put an organizer like this on a
    French cleat system?

  24. outro trabalho excelente.

  25. @05:10…”seriously, I don’t even know what that is…”

    It looked like track rod end off a motor car…

  26. Now, wait a minute. Don’t throw that stuff away! I could use that!

  27. That’s called a rip-cut, made by Kreg. It’s basically a t-square you mount
    to your circular saw blade tray, usually extends to 25″ so you can cut
    plywood sheets in half straight and quick. great attachment

  28. “More room on the inside…” Nice Dr Who reference!!!

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