1. Here in Australia wood used to make pallets are from non-structural material so the majority of those constructions would be dangerous and probable lethal especially if you’re dumb enough to use them to store food products, Assholes giving even stupider assholes dumb items… Oh wait! no its a brilliant idea help cull a few oxygen thieves. 🙂

  2. my wife would only allow .5% of those in our house.

  3. Very cool video. We love repurposing pallets for garden anters.

  4. Caution, Pallets are not structurally safe. After they are used, fork lifts and pallet trucks damage and split the wood. They require tons of sanding in order to get a usable surface.

  5. How third world…

  6. free wood,can’t beat that!!

  7. too bad that the immages flash by to fast. please slow down and give the viewer time to look at the pictures please


  9. 战略忽悠局发言人

    u r right, it’s too fast to watch

  10. It’s called the spacebar.

  11. Song?

  12. Church Design Website 003.jpg  Our church background wall all in pallets.  

  13. Pallets can also be used to ship things……l

  14. What was that 42nd picture ??
    Great video.

  15. Best to find out what the discarded pallets were used for or what did they carry all over the world. Many are required to be fumigated. There is a reason that the old pallets were garbage. They could make you sick. Other than that nice video.

  16. לא חסר

  17. popcorn

  18. Wow that made me dizzy it was so fast and that trippy music….woooshhhhh what just happened to me

  19. Thanks, I did find it.

  20. Webinfotech #1 TISS

    Love that old tune “At the Movies” – “Hot Butter Popcorn” I have the 45 somewhere

  21. I really like this video, but did not see my favorite use.
    Migratory beekeepers put their hives on pallets to load
    & unload them from trucks. I always put 2 or more under
    beehives because: (1) They save my back. (2) They
    protect bees from ground moisture & floods. (3) They
    make it harder for other insects on the ground to get
    into beehives (although such invasions are caused
    more by insects from trees if hives are near them).
    I find this video very palatable.

  22. +Hard as steel That’s right, but we have sight and smell and can
    let sun and rain age some chemicals out of them.

  23. +Katinka Vos Put your mouse pointer over the play/pause
    button at the lower left corner of the youtube frame and left
    click to pause & continue the video.

  24. Song, PLEASE ???

  25. +Neki tam The song is called ‘Popcorn,’ by a group called Hot Butter. I swear I am not making this up.

  26. great ideas!

  27. Popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hideous fucking music…………………..

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