1. Chuck I have enjoyed your show very much. Thank you for two informative
    episodes. I am a hybrid woodworker but do most stuff by hand. Planing 20
    board feet of popular is my way to go to the gym. But its a hobby to me. I
    am not making a living from my table saw. At the rate I get stuff done I
    would starve to death. Thanks again.

  2. @superdav721721 Thanks.To my mind, it’s really about what gets you excited
    about woodworking. I truly believe there are two types of woodworkers:
    those who are process oriented; and those who are product oriented. Both
    types are equally good. They just approach it from different points of
    view. My follow-up blog post to the 2nd episode talks a bit about keeping
    woodworking fun and relaxing no matter which type of woodworker you are.
    There’ll be more coming on my YouTube channel. Count on it.

  3. Robert Sandefur

    I’m a beginner and cant afford any classes and I’ve mad a couple things
    using strictly mortise and tenon, and dowels. Your videos are great. What
    would you recommend do to learn other than paying for expensive one day

  4. Robert, There’s lots of information available for free on woodworking
    forums like Lumberjocks and Woodnet. You could also sign up for my weekly
    show at my website, acanthus.com. There’s a monthly plan so the expense is
    pretty reasonable. You could also check out Popular Woodworking Magazine’s
    website as there’s tons of info available there for free as well. And of
    course you can read my blog, Parings – A Woodworker’s Journal, for free as
    well. It’s on my website too. 

  5. the three tools I use the most are.. Starrett combination square, LA block
    plane, 1-1/4″ crank neck chisel..

  6. Love the BS flag. I think it would be more effective if it was brown. :)

  7. me and my dad have a big woodshop with alot of wood and wood tools 

  8. Great Instructional video Thanks for not advocating expensive name brands
    You really show that is can be done with what I have Aaron

  9. Your selection of hand tools is good but there are several more tools that
    a person really needs to get started – a drill and drill bits – a variety
    of clamps – a turning saw for curves – a bench with a vice – sharpening
    stones – a couple screwdrivers – a countersink – a hammer – nail sets – a
    framing square – a few files & rasps – a sanding block & some sandpaper.
    Throw in a benchtop table saw & a router and you can do some real work.

  10. looked at your site and was amazed at some of your projects! Great job!

  11. I like your style

  12. i am a beginner but i really like your info

  13. I really enjoyed this video, it is full of great advice. One thing I don’t
    hear very often on these videos is the need (specially for beginners) to be
    consistent in your methods. For example Charles say’s sharpen your tools
    and he doesn’t care how. That’s right on advice, but I would quickly add
    that you should pick a method and stick with it. Don’t skip around, create
    a sharpening station and always use that station. Much of sharpening is
    repetition so if you always stand at the same bench and use the same
    sharpening system you will quickly develop the muscle memory and confidence
    required to get tools sharp, fast. Start simple and be consistent. 

  14. better half..

  15. Nice video Chuck. Keep’m coming.

  16. Stephen Brockhoff

    Great info for a beginner like me. I couldn’t afford, or justify to myself
    trying to afford a top end cabinet saw. I got 18 month terms on a ridgid
    hybrid saw which brings it to less than $30 a month. That’s affordable!
    There are definitely options out there for beginners and budget minded
    craftspeople. Lucky for me my wife is a sharp shopper and when I told her
    I wanted a table saw, her response was, “hell yeah! let’s get one”. I’m a
    lucky dude. I just finished my first real project of about a dozen kitchen
    cabinet doors, and this saw made excellent grooves for the floating panel
    and very precise tenons on the rails. Thanks for such a great video Chuck.

  17. InformationIsTheEdge

    Go have lunch, come back and if the board is still flat, you’ve gotten
    lucky. Excellent points. I often wondered if getting the plane super flat
    was like building a puzzle, a great challenge but not really necessary.
    That was my answer. Thanks Chuck! Great video!

  18. Thanks Charles, this video is exactly what i’ve been searching for. Loved
    the into about the better half. Duly Noted, your a legend mate.

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