1. Mauricio rosales zuñiga

    Excelente re aprobechamiento de la madera una buena forma de resiclar un gran saludo desde Almeria, España

  2. Really good bro.

  3. Fantastic result

  4. Well done! Cheers from the Patagonia… !

  5. Luv it. Down to earth workshop. Planer on the floor, basic hand tools and some power tools, no dust bloody collection bullshit, dowels instead of bloody dovetails. Using “sourced” timber. And a bloody good result.

  6. What a brilliant job. I must make sure my wife does not see this video or I will be out making two similar ones immediately. A HUGE thumbs up.

  7. UK Tony Thanks ))

  8. great job! What are the dimensions f the nightstand? Thanks

  9. Tom's Dreamshop Worx

    They really came out great! My only concern is on your glue up of the top you have your grain running perpendicular to each other. You’re going to have wood movement across the grain with no where to go. I’m worried the top is going to end up splitting on you!

  10. By any chance do you have a step by step instruction or a list of the tools and what they are used for? I am trying to do DIY things but am in a limited space and do not know all the tools.
    I have drills, a sander, angle grinder, and circular saw only.

  11. Cool Collection of diy wood plans on WoodBuilderPlans*com site for any woodworker

  12. what is that

  13. finally..a no fluff video.  this is how all videos should be.  yea!!!

  14. Larché Jacques Clarel

    nice. are your pipe clamp home made?

  15. Very nice I love to recycle old wood and give it a new life.

  16. Restaurare si Reparatii

    i like it , fantastic job !

  17. absolutely gorgeous work and such a pleasure to watch 🙂

  18. great use of reclaimed wood

  19. excellent job so awesome

  20. what model was that planer?

  21. Wonderful video. However, in the future, please use protective eyewear for a good example, and protecting your eyes. Thank you.

  22. Thank you! Sure, I will. That was my mistake.

  23. Adrien Adriano Mesdon Kovak

    OOOOOoooooooooooooo 10 sur 10

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