1. Real nice mate, with a secret drawer. Looks little bit complicated
    underneath though.

  2. Very good… congrats… Edson from Brazil… hugs… 

  3. @yqciojb I already told you even i searched for 2 weeks for a better wood
    working plans to modify my home. and i know people like furtinure pros are
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  4. thats awesome! 

  5. Nicely done. I saw a utube vid showing that both dowell joints and finger
    joints were stronger than dovetails . My dovetails “suck” as well so I
    bought an old secondhand 1970s B&D dovetail jig that does blind 1/2″ and
    1/4″ dovetails. It produces accurate and well fitting joints. There are
    modern versions available for little money and work equally well. It was
    sad when Norm Abrahams had his show canned and to make things worse it has
    disappeared off cable TV here in Australia.

  6. Pablo Hernández Flores

    I like very much all your projects, The idea of a ‘secret’ drawer and the
    way you disguise it is very clever. It gave me a good project.idea to try
    in my next 

  7. Very nice work! 

  8. very nice great job

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  11. Mercurius Bristophiles

    great build, love that third drawer feature.

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  13. Hi. Do you happen to have the steps for making this drawer? Thanks.

  14. Hi there thanks for your reply. Sadly not. It was made by ‘eye’ after
    watching the New Yankee Workshop episode. I don’t use plans or dimensions
    for any of my projects, they tend to evolve as they are being made. Thanks

  15. I see. Well, it looks awesome! I might try to pull that off. Thanks!

  16. The President of The Internet

    You say Cherry and hardwood in the UK is too expensive – not true mate, it
    would have cost you £40 in oak or cherry and £50 in walnut. Problem is you
    dont value your time and skill enough to spend that but you’re worth it
    mate – remember, this stuff is legacy and might outlive us all.

  17. This is not available on the NYW site… Maybe at one time but, No more.

  18. That looks really nice. I love wood working! I can’t wait to do it
    sometime! To me I think people might think its weird since I am a girl but
    I don’t care!! I love wood working!!

  19. excellent work…what a lovely thing.

  20. Nice job

  21. +G Whittle can you post the materials list please?

  22. G Whittle great job with your piece, you were saying at 1:25 ur dovetail
    joint ain’t the best would you not consider using the pocket holes to join
    the draw corners would be strong and clean job… But great piece

  23. This video rocks! Put it together with Woody Hyezmar’s concepts (google
    him) and you’ll be spinning with awesome ideas!

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