This video of my workshop I hope gives other people some good space saving ideas for their workshop.


  1. No muff to tough….nuff said!

  2. Hi, Bob. Thank you for a very informative video of your well-organized workshop. You have many things with everything in its proper place. Very nice. 
    I am curious, however, with all the electrical items in your workshop, how to supplied it with enough power. Did you have to run through a separate distribution panel? Just wanted to know to prepare my own workshop. 
    Thanks again. 

  3. Thanks of your comments . Compressor is on a 220V circuit and the workshop itself is on a 20 amp 110v circuit.

  4. That’s a amazing workshop! I wish I had the space for one….

  5. your such a sweet guy. I would spend days next to you. well done papa 🙂

  6. thats a REAL man cave!

  7. I love your set up!! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  8. Ironheart Fabrication

    That’s quite an efficient use of limited space.  Lots of good ideas.  Take care, be safe!

  9. Bob, I really like your use of swivels and hinges to better utilize space.  The vacuums and compressed air plumbing was also impressive.  I just moved my studio (not fun) and I’m now in a transitional work space till the new studio is built.  I’m gathering ideas and found your video helpful.  Thank you!

  10. Some great ideas. Especially the lathe. Many thanks

  11. the Swiss army knife workshop/man cave

  12. … I think your workshop might be Optimus Prime in disguise.

  13. I’m definitely hanging my miter saw off the edge of my workbench! Only I’m setting it so the saw table is at the same height as the bench top. Giving serious consideration to modifying my bandsaw too. The Lathe is a cleanup nightmare so I think I’ll leave it on wheels. One thing you may consider is switching to LED lighting. Twice as bright as fluorescents and only consumes 10% of the power. Good job!

  14. Oh yeah, definitely plumbing my air in too!

  15. +Robert Plotkin I would love to have a workshop like yours. Nice work!

  16. No muff too tuff we dive till five!!!!! omg! really? #lock up your daughters

  17. yesssss! @8:40. your computer

  18. Thanks for sharing your workshop storage ideas Bob, that’s a great little hidy hole that you have there😉

  19. Your workshop is genius Bob!, it seems you have thought of everything!. I love the way everything folds away or is integrated, brilliant. I’ve got a workshop out the back of my house and came across your video, I’ll certainly be taking some of your storage ideas away with me. Great video!

  20. you sir are awesome! I’m about to build my first shop in our new home. I got alot of ideas from this.

  21. love the shop,i can see the years of work and ideas.

  22. Michael Markel

  23. Brilliantly organised and yet probably the most unattractive workshop I have ever seen!

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