My Top Ten Workshop Projects

10 – Sanding Table:
9 – Router Bit Cabinet:
8 – Drill Press Cabinet:
7 – Belt Sander Platform:
6 – Tool Board:
5A – Disk Sander:
5B – Sanding Station:
4 – Band Saw:
3 – Workbench:
2 – Miter Saw Station:
1 – Table Saw:


  1. how big is your workshop?

  2. That was define tilt better than a shop tour! Even though I have been
    watching, learning and being entertained by you since your beginning on YT,
    I had almost forgotten your bandsaw build. Thanks for sharing. (What’s
    going on with the recent house remodel videos?)

  3. +MRrwmac Thanks Mac. More house reno videos to come, after I free up some
    time to edit them.

  4. +Scott Haun About 13′ x 26′

  5. Fantastic. Now one on the “things” that you built using them, pure WW-tools
    not allowed, or we’d have the same list. 🙂 Mailed a question recently
    about the cleaver in particular.. It’d be an interesting recap on how many
    of the things are “worth it” besides the pure joy of creating them.

  6. +Janne Kronbäck Interesting idea!

  7. John, with your Rigid spindle sander, you also have an edge sander
    attatchment, so what is the benefit of the disc sander compared to the edge
    sander on the rigid machine if the part is small enough for both? Also, are
    you going to be building another tablesaw, because I’m sure in previous
    videos you said this tablesaw was temporary.

  8. +Bentley Beckley I don’t use the belt attachment for the spindle sander at
    all – too much hassle changing it out, plus it’s always in the vertical
    I have the other saw to build, but not until I have space for it. Remember,
    the shop I’m in was also supposed to be temporary.

  9. +John Heisz

  10. Hey John, nice video! I I love getting new ideas for my just starting
    workshop. I have one question about your Band Saw: Do you have a rough
    pricing on your build?
    Thanks in advance :)

  11. +David Jackson thanks mate ! 🙂

  12. The reason you are talking loudly is because of the years you have been
    working with loud machinery and the damage it has done to your hearing. I
    know from experience. Excellent work, by the way.

  13. Cool Workshop

  14. +Paoson WoodWorking i just found *TopFineWoodworking .Com* and the plans on
    there are so amazingly laid out and well thought i don’t know what I would
    do without them now……////

  15. Wonder why he skipped the second droor on the 1st thing

  16. lehlohonolo matsoai

    i like your top ten show me how staff work please

  17. good stuuf

  18. excelente trabalho e organizacão

  19. beautiful shop.

  20. Very inspiring!. My shop is 7 square meters only. I have to scale down your
    solutions. Thanks for good ideas!. Keep on :-)

  21. Benedito Alves da Silva

    gostaria de ter uma desta ; otima

  22. thanks for all the cool projects so far keep them coming love to watch your

  23. Guys I am learning woodworking at *TopFineWoodworking .Com* the best
    website to learn beginner to advance level woodworking…….

  24. I am a big fan of your work. wonderful useful shop fixtures!

  25. Building a shop myself , love how you’ve done yours .

    I need a band saw so will be looking at your vid for the build. Thanks

  26. please do a shop tour again…I love the shop tours …


  28. It’s fun to watch these old vids and see what is and isn’t around anymore.

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