1. Hey, you have that noisy Air compressor from Aldi too!

  2. The Wood Knight Vlog

    +Marisa Aguilera at the time it was a great price and being vertical was
    really important in my workshop. Since then, I think I could get away with
    a small pancake compressor just to drive brads from time to time.

  3. Looks like a nice setup you got there.. I’m thinking about building a two
    stage system with an old barrel ad some corner pieces for the cyclone
    effect. Did you see Tyler G his system, looks very much like yours, but
    with the special filter. ( https://youtu.be/5BoF0gLm6hI )

  4. The Wood Knight Vlog

    Sadly the Wynn filters aren’t available in Australia otherwise I’d adopt
    the same layout Tyler has. Our filters are only open at one end 🙁

  5. I agree with you there.

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