Multifunction workbench MFTC

The MFTC is a homemade multi function tool cart, it is a folding workbench on wheels that can carry all the tools you need for a quick set up on site or in the workshop.
It has extension tables that allow you to adapt the size of the workbench to your needs.
Go to my website on the above link for more info and plans in metric or imperial.
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  1. what’s the price and do you ship to Norway?

  2. Merci pour cette video qui explique bien le principe de ton établis, et
    Ingelbert c’est du tres bon en fringues, je ne porte que cela..

  3. Where can I find the 16*10, 1,5 (mm) aluminium profiles? Been looking
    pretty much over the internet with no luck. I live in Europe as well


  5. Fantastic!

  6. Amarendra Deva Carlos Umberto Pereira

    Que maravilha! Qual o fabricante? Já está à venda no Brasil? Onde?

  7. i just found *TopFineWoodworking .Com* and the plans on there are so
    amazingly laid out and well thought i don’t know what I would do without
    them now….///

  8. simply brilliant, unbelievable ingenuity

  9. Michael Dubrofsky

    Love the ingenuity . Would love seeing one up close and personal .

  10. I bought Tim’s plans and made one earlier this year. This is, without a
    doubt, my most favorite workstation ever. I sold my MFT3 shortly after
    making it. Thanks Tim!!

  11. Виталий Палей

    Прикольненько…..Хорошая идея…..!

  12. This video will give any carpenter a serious boner. Awesome rig.

  13. Great to hear that!

  14. Your site is down

  15. About what was the cost for materials? Great design

  16. Incredible!! So well thought out. Every time you showed a new aspect I
    thought wow it can’t get any better than this….and then you brought out a
    new function again and again! Ingenious.

  17. So are those drawer slides self-locking?

  18. Not those ones, but you can use self locking ones. I attached separate
    locks myself.

  19. +Timothy Wilmots Well for the life of me I can’t see how the drawers lock
    in the video!

  20. this is way beyond awesome… awesome is a dot to this!

  21. chingon

  22. Aan de kant waar je het karretje optrekt over de rand van een truck is het
    misschien handig een ertalon strip te monteren. Beschermt en heeft goede

  23. A very flexible & practical approach. Especially when work space is
    limited. I prefer your approach to Ron Paulk’s.

  24. Many great ideas for on-site work.

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