1. Who’s narrating this? Al Gore?

  2. Great tip. thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks fantastic!!! I have to make one once my exams are over!
    Hopefully it will mean that I don’t have to buy a spokeshave as I lost my
    last one and really can’t be bothered to get a new one! But yeah, great
    video… Keep up the good work!

  4. LOVE LOVE this idea! I’m a scraper addict and use regular cab scrapers and
    even spoke shaves for different finishing/refinishing tasks, but they’re
    pricey, high maintenance and the T type handles can be awkward… This idea
    is just great! I’ll be modding a couple 2.5″ for an upcoming project, but I
    can already see in advance that I’ll probably be regretting all the money
    I’ve laid in for ‘proper’ higher end scrapers. This is just such a great
    idea. A+++ for posting it. 

  5. you sound like beetle juice. ITS SHOW TIME!

  6. @crh62carpenter You can’t make a simple dovetail in Texas without using a

  7. This guy is a tool, but not one we can work with. Haha! funny.

  8. I love cabinet scrapers too. 

  9. @funkgerat Mr. Nitty Picky, Look at the shop he’s in, do you think he would
    make dovetails without his machine? Relax and take his statement in

  10. Just happened to watch this before heading out to the big box store to get
    some casters. I’ll definitely pick up one or two of these things. Thanks o/

  11. El Raspador: muy buena herramienta, soy impresor, pero me gusta mucho la
    carpintería, noble oficio (bendito sea San José). Esta herramienta la
    usaban mucho de antaños, su sencillez es sorprendente, usaban una lámina de
    vidrio previamente preparada, en una ocasión tuve la dicha de ver una echa
    de piedra sí como usted puede leer aquí de Piedra por supuesto de unos
    cuatro centimetros y montada en su portaherramienta. Viva el Raspador !

  12. I am very happy to see the vidoe after you give this Woodworking tool
    review of one of our favorite woodworking hand tools.

  13. I have a Canadian scraper which is just like this one after it has been
    transformed. Can’t remember the trade name has it has bee erased for being
    used a lot (20 years !…) but it kept its yellow and green color … if this
    can help you people out there finding one. Really handy …

  14. hahaha… the guy who’s a ‘tool’. Some interesting tools shown in this
    video. Might have to get my hands on some. Thanks for the video! 

  15. I resurfaced an oak floor with one of these scrapers, a bucket of water
    helped to soften the floor

  16. Works very much like a Skarsten scraper 

  17. Exactly.

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  21. Wow, I am so in awe of your drawl…and your big tools too. Big tools
    generally equate to big men.

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