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Original Paulk Workbench:

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Dovetail gauge –
Eclipse quick release vise –
Engineer square –
Festool Domino –
Forstner bit –
Glu-Bot glue bottle –
Gyokucho 372 japanese pull saw –
Irwin Marples 10" blade –
Kreg K4 –
Kreg DB210 pocket hole machine –
Kreg Mini –
Marble router bit or drill bit –
Megapro NAS Driver –
Milwaukee plunge router –
Mp3 earmuffs –
Narex marking knife –
Ridgid miter saw –
Rustic pine Briwax –
Ryobi 18v brad nailer –
SawStop titanium series blade –
Scraper BAHCO –
12" speed square –
T-bevel (bevel gauge) –
Table top hold down clips –
Tudor brown briwax –
Wax brush wheel for drill –
Wood glue –
Woodriver #4-1/2 –
Woodriver #62 –

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  1. Whats with the black-painted Ryobis? New test models?

  2. Love the painted drills.

  3. Ron will be proud ! we’re here seeing smart people learning from smart people, it feels good !

  4. Jakob Nørregaard

    Do ryobi NOT sponsor you anymore? Haha

  5. the drill and driver remind me of darth vader now that they are black!

  6. +Celmar Thin, even coats. I didn’t cover up any of the vents. Just sprayed. If they died oh well. But they all work fine.

  7. Nice video, Jay!  I noticed on your very cool “stealth” tools that you added a ‘flat head’ on the driver a la Jimmy Diresta – or did that driver come like that?  Would be interested in the details… Thanks for all you do!

  8. Ramsey Customs - turbocobra

    Nice work sir, cool design, some cool edit work as usual !

  9. +Brian Mills The top of the driver has a FastCap magnet on it for holding screws. I put it on 6 months or so ago.

  10. Metal tenons! Yes!

  11. The ShavingWood Workshop

    Looks good Jay, That’s one thing I miss with the new shop is a good sized bench surface to work on.

  12. You see, that’s great but, if I made one, it would just become a huge mobile mountain of crap.  Good video and a nice touch to buy the plans, good reminder to us all that we do get a lot for free here and it might be nice to put something back now and then.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  13. like a sasquatch

  14. Jay, I was really pleased to see you decided to used metal tenons instead of the often over-use pocket screws. I recently read that pocket screws would lead to the down fall of the USA and all humanity, thank goodness you did not fall into that trap.

    The work table reminds me of one I used when I worked in the maintenance department of a hotel in the late 70’s and early 80’s; extremely light weight (I think ours was made from 3/8 inch plywood) but really tough. It does seem a little over built for an out-feed table, kinda like taking a Super Duty to the post office….

  15. +Celmar I don’t lose them on a job site cuz of their color. It is pretty handy. Lost a metabo once, and, if I bought it again, would’ve spray payinted in ryoubi colors.

  16. +Scott L hahahahahahahah. That made me laugh. Thank you.

  17. +Drunken Woodworker This gave me a great chuckle

  18. Sweet!

  19. Nice job Jay. I wish I had the room for that. Although all those holes look tedious. But I bet they come on handy.

  20. Very nice.  I’m guessing/assuming you are blocking the casters somehow when being used as an outfeed?

    In reading the comments it seems like more folks are focusing on the newly painted tools than the bench.  I understand why you and others do it.  But I think it is a shame that the company at least given you a few batteries for using their stuff.  I know that when I was looking for new cordless, I went with the formerly lime-green company for two reasons:  price and performance based on watching you use them.  So, Ryo….ummm lime-green….ummm Black Drill company:  Take note these guys bring you sales.

  21. +Bill Weissborn Thanks Bill. I don’t need to lock it to use as an outfeed table. It moves easily when pushed but requires more force to move than what is generated by using it as an outfeed table. My last workbench, assembly, outfeed table had non locking swivel casters on it and it was just fine.

  22. Planning on building Ron Paulk’s workbench in August…it too will be modified.

  23. I have the same problem with large horizontal surfaces….small one too for that matter

  24. Awesome workbench. Now the trick is going to be keeping it cleared off and usable. Clamp rack next?

  25. +Drunken Woodworker Yeah, great job Jay

  26. Sooo… you made a Paulkethole Bench…. 🙂

  27. +Jay Bates now that is kind of you! :P. no, seriously, honesty takes the longest. even if you get sponsored and you admit it, it’s no problem. the thing noones like i when someone gets sponsored, but dont want to come out for it. you do alright mate. good luck with your future projects! like to see you work

  28. +sfosnot85 LOL, so your workshop looks like a relief map of the Rocky Mountains too?

  29. +Romashk understood. Maybe I’ll paint mine pink for a change…

  30. +baconsoda hahahaha

  31. +Celmar 😀 Why not? Easy to find, hard to even think of stealing. 😀

  32. Francesco Zampieri

    +Jay Bates Just a question: are you sure the tools will still be under
    warranty after the painting?
    Btw, nice video as always!!!

  33. +Francesco Zampieri I have no clue about a warranty. Don’t care really.

  34. +Romashk yup, and that’ll be one more reason for my 3-yr old daughter to come and make stuff with dad in the workshop !

  35. Moy perez woodshop

    Very cool build Jay. Just curious how did you deal with the table flopping around because of the uneven floor?

  36. +Moy perez woodshop I have some left over shingles from the dog house build. I kick one under whatever wheel needs it. Had to do the same thing with my last table.

  37. Moy perez woodshop

    +Jay Bates​simple but efficient. I want to build some kind of rolling cart for my shop/garage but the floor is uneven and has huge cracks..I’ll probably need a couple of jay

  38. Time for a clamp rack Jay.

  39. Oh yea, and inevitably, what I need is at the bottom of the pile…and can only be accessed after accidentally spilling said pile all over the floor while trying to dig it out.

  40. Please thumbs this up so everyone can see it. The purpose of the split top was to be able to use clamps in the middle of the table. I didn’t want to drill all the holes in the top so this gave more clamping options. That being said, I’m probably going to push the tops together and drill the holes in the top like the original design.

  41. +Jay Bates they look loads better black anyway

  42. +Jay Bates I noticed as soon as saw they were black. I agree they look cool. I have a lot of their tools and think they are very good for the price. they should slide some tools your way as you do use their tools and it is free advertisement for the them. love you show KEEP IT UP!

  43. 2:53 what tool is that?

  44. +claudiogn, I assume it’s the tool that makes the angled holes for the screws in the “boxed” structure of the top

  45. What router bit did you use to cut the holes with jay

  46. Catch 22. I need a work bench just like that so I can make a work bench just like that.

  47. …no…?

  48. You could build the split too on heavy duty sliders

  49. 2 sawhorses with a 4’x8′ or 3’x6′ or 2’x8′ etc piece of half inch plywood laying over it does wonders.

  50. May I ask, what kind of plywood and where you get it?

  51. carmichael fan

  52. actually david picouto (make something)

  53. I like the ideas… I would also recommend the program I got : >>>>>>>>>>>> *t. co/EB1PKoJejN*

  54. Third time watching this video. Just saw the “like a sasquatch”. Choked on my cornflakes.

  55. Get over that Wall

    I go by the motto of only having one small workbench, that way you MUST keep is clean or you will have nowhere to work.

  56. Jay Bates hell yeah show love for Detroit

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