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Mike Makes Power Tool Storage w/ Cord Organization

This week I build power tool organization above my new tool board that we made last week. Each shelf was custom built to hold each power tool with a shelf below that organizes all of the cables.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It's nice to finally have a place to store everything!

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  1. Slowvannah Farms

    Looks so neat and organized!

  2. How To Fix It Workshop


  3. Nice, love that radial arm saw!

  4. Alex Van Nostrand

    Ive built homes, swapped out and restored engines on cars, repaired and
    built custom electronics but let me tell you,organizing is tougher than

    For these past weeks I’ve working at it and boy I cannot tell you how much
    more efficient and satisfying working on things is now.

    Great job! I love making custom holders for everything as well, nothing
    pleases me more than the positive ‘click’ of my tools being placed back
    into my holders.

  5. +Alex Van Nostrand Oh man, I know exactly what you mean. Even doing the
    extension cord organizer after building this was soooo much easier with all
    the tools organized.

  6. +Lane Bros WoodShop Thanks, me too! I still need to build a proper fence
    for it, but it makes quick work of cuts like that.

  7. I am currently organizing my tools and I will be making a copy of that

  8. Mike and Lauren

    +Evan Dunville Awesome!

  9. Catholic Woodworker

    Awesome tool storage Mike! Love the extension cord slots. I wrap mine
    around the tool and it’s a huge pain.

  10. Mike and Lauren

    +Conrad Designs Thanks. That’s exactly what I used to do with mine.

  11. Hi Mike. I’m curious why you didn’t put a shelf on the very top of the unit
    so that additional things could be stored up there? Is it a height issue?

  12. I love all your videos and was first drawn to your channel by your travel
    videos back when I was traveling, but these Mike Makes videos are awesome!
    I love the organizing rack. About how long did it take you to make it?

  13. Mike and Lauren

    +Stacey Caulk Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I built the shelf on Saturday in
    about 5 hours.

  14. Mike and Lauren

    +George Schwab Good question. It is a little tall, but my main reason is
    because I didn’t want an area to collect clutter. I’ve found that any
    horizontal space will naturally attract junk to it like a magnet. If I ever
    have a specific purpose for a shelf up there I can just add a strip.

  15. Very efficient. I bet some of the better known woodworkers on here would
    be a little envious of that shelf.

  16. “Doesn’t get much better than that.” 3:04
    You ain’t kidding! A+ job.

  17. +Pidasian Hippie 🙂

  18. Junk works DIY Garage

    what is the dado blade your using thanks for the great idea

  19. Mike and Lauren

    +sam witwiky I’m not sure what brand it is. But it’s really cool because
    it’s adjustable from 1/4″ to 1″ just by spinning the arbor.

  20. Cameron “Gibbster” Gibbon

    Love your style!

  21. Mike and Lauren

    +Cameron Gibbon Thanks!

  22. I love your channel, it’s so professional. You’re just an awesome guy! It’s
    as simple as that.

  23. Mike and Lauren

    +bubblemanpie Haha, thanks!

  24. I like the idea, what if you get more power tools, (you WILL get more
    power tools)?

  25. +thedge7 I can keep expanding into the storage section and make a new
    cabinet for glue, finishes, and sandpaper.

  26. I’ve just watched two of your videos and want to build both and just
    subscribed!! Can’t wait to watch more of them!!

  27. +mike davidson Awesome! Glad to have you around.

  28. need more tools

  29. Hello, very nice
    What do you use for the grooves?

  30. +Wumniam Longoria I used a radial arm saw with a dado blade.

  31. Like it —— will copy —thanks !

  32. Maxime De Clerck

    nice radial arm saw

  33. Thanks! The fence is just a piece of plywood right now. I need to get in
    better shape..

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