Metabo Power Tools HC 260 C Planer / Thicknesser – Setup – Metabo How To – HC260C

A step by step in depth guide to setting up the Metabo HC 260 C Planer Thicknesser.

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  1. I would call it clear in what it shows but is not comprehensive. As the
    machine arrives dis-assembled,a ground up build showing exact assembly and
    adjustment would be much better. Remember !. Thinking how something goes
    together,is not the same as how it actually does. PS The 3rd micro switch
    is not mentioned or shown.

  2. Hello, thank you for liking our video. You are right the video does not
    show viewers how to assemble the legs – a quick task for most. Nor does it
    show viewers how to adjust the planner blades, they should be 100% correct
    right out of the box. Good tips for another video though! Thank you. The
    main focus for this video was to show viewers how to change modes and to
    show how both micro-switches should be engaged for planning mode.

  3. i received this great planer yesterday, after took some time to get
    together all parts, now i can enjoying… thanks for your video coz i had a
    problem to find third micro switch under infeed table,by the way the …is
    another Germany product,which did not disappoint me!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good morning, the chip extractor use in this video is the SPA1101. Please
    visit our website to view the technical data. Thank you Metabo 

  5. I have a piece of jarrah West Australian hard wood 160mm wide by 50mm thick
    1.6 metre long. I want to bring down to 30mm. Will this machine be capable
    of carrying out this work. I have a jet planer moulder thicknesser which
    has trouble with larger materials mainly good for small stuff. 

  6. Is it possible to buy the chip ejection hood separately in Italy? Bought a
    second hand machine and didnt get the hood. What would be the product

  7. nice drill. I think you can get this through wwwdotUKTOOLMARTdotcom Good
    stuff Metabo!

  8. Like elektra Beckum hc 260

  9. Same machine as Record PT 260, I have it. 

  10. great machine and very informative video needed info for my college course
    as were using this product for training and assignment thanks A*****

  11. There is a lot of better machines out there

  12. guy demonstrating is clueless

  13. Table had to make them recline, and not to clean up, and for a short planer
    table, we need at least some extensions

    Стол нужно было им сделать откидывающимся, а не чтобы убирать , а для
    рейсмуса стол короткий, нужны хоть какие-то удлинители

  14. Man takes half day to set up this planer.

  15. I have this machine and I’d say he has a lot more than a clue.
    Anyway you look pretty.
    Are you a hairy arzed builder in reality? (laff out loud)

  16. eugen dragos safta

    God day Metabo! I will get this machine soon and I would like to know if
    there’s any difference between blue and green ones.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Best regards,

  17. Well this is great but why do you not have a video about the 330 portable,
    I cant stop the snipe with it. at the moment I feel I have wasted hundreds
    of pounds on a piece I cant alter.

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