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Matts benchtop

Hand planing a workbench top with wooden planes from HNT Gordon . This starts with a long Jointer Plane to get everything nice and flat in both directions and finishes up with a very finely set Smoothing Plane. No sandpaper is harmed during this process. The top is finished "off the plane".
Video quality is low and no sound.

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  1. HNT Gordon planes are a joy to use.The jointer plane saves me about
    20minutes per top compared to when I was just using a Try Plane. 

  2. I when I worked in a shipyard for straightening a surface of wood I used a
    large straight line of wood and on one side of the painted with colored
    chalk and then the I scroll back and forth longitudinally and transversely
    on the surface to be straightened so that they remain stains on the wood in
    excess. The result is great!

  3. I know what you mean about the No 7 plane. I thought if a No7 is so great
    why not go the whole hog and get a no 8 plane. Flattening the sole and
    tuning the plane was exhausting. I now find myself doing the bulk of
    removal with a 5 1/2 plane and doing as little as possible with the No 8
    plane as it is just so heavy and is such hard work.

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