1. so help full

  2. clamping the chuck in a vise the way you do at 5:37 is a good way to break it. 

    a much better way to clamp it would be to find the largest allen wrench that will fit into your chuck and then insert and tighten it.  once that is done, you can tighten the allen wrench in the vise.  (the allen wrench technique is also the best way to install/remove the chuck from a drill without damaging it.)

  3. so help full 

  4. Great way of boring a center if you do not have a lathe.

  5. Jean-Yves Béguec

    Yes. But it is better to fix the drill on the table with the jig and the piece to drill in the drill Chuck.

  6. Nice device…wouldn’t it be easier to center both chucks by placing a little shaft in the small chuck fixed on the plate, which would be still loose,  and then thighten this shaft in the drill press chuck.  This should perfectly center  the plate and its chuck…and you finally bolt the plate to the table…shouln’t it ?

  7. Good way to make a lathe tail stock for your drill press.

  8. great idea thanks for sharing

  9. +remige2006 Yes, that’s the way i centered mine

  10. I too considered building a gazilion jigs to avoid buying a lathe , but since I got one im so happy

  11. Excellent

  12. +Thomas Harrell I was thinking the same thing

  13. remige2006, You’ve always wanted to write ” LITTLE SHAFT ” in a YouTube comment section, and finally your dream came true .

  14. Agreed. That way, if you are slightly off in the centering, you still end up with a centered hole, but it is just slightly bigger.

  15. Well done and great little video. Thank you

  16. Great work i will make a copy.

  17. But the intention of simulating a late is not to turn the piece while the drill stays stationary? so the piece finds its center while turning?

  18. Awesome – THANKS!

  19. Great idea, the small rod would be snugged up on both chucks, which would allow the base chuck with anchor plate to move in alignment to the drill chuck. You would then tightened up the base plate. Anything milled round stock, would be centered.

  20. It seems to me that you would have to place good pressure on the chuck to break it, however your suggestion is the best..

  21. A 4-jaw chuck would be the solution for square stock.

  22. Chabba ka Gujjar lol

  23. I got the idea; for a different setup but I will use your knowledge, thanks

  24. A guy that goes to all the trouble of drilling all those holes, in a flat plate and an out of square hunk of tube and then throws them even further out of square by welding on them instead of simply putting his part in his vise with a v block is more than capable of something equally absurd as crushing a drill chuck.

  25. It is not necessary to show how to welding by video just show how it was built

  26. jose luis sanchez

    nice very nice

  27. Всё о сварке и самоделках.

    Спасибо, хорошая идея.

  28. With a boring head you could turn the o.d.

  29. Interesante!

  30. manu de hanoi
    Does the work of Boucha Bastam work in this way?

  31. I could be wrong but I think the idea is to drill a hole in the centre of a rod without having a lathe, on a lathe this could be done easily because when you install a drill bit its always in the centre of the work piece you are turning (with a 3 jaw self centring chuck)

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