Making a Wooden Sign with a router | First time making a sign

So I have always wanted to try to make a sign with a router. I found a small handheld router for $20.00 and figured what the hay!! I'll give it a try. Now to all the sign makers out there…..I know this isn't perfect and it could be done a lot better. I will continue to practice on this skill and teach myself how to make a better product. But anyways, it's a lot of fun to do and I will definitely be making more in the future.

Thanks for watching!!!


  1. Well done my friend, looks great, love you r channel, love your down to earth approach. Do more of these you are good at it.

  2. Dave Williams thanks!

  3. Nice job. Keep going.

  4. Very, very nice work.

  5. Popo's Woodworks

    Dan Willis thanks!

  6. Great job; but more so, thank you for taking the risk.

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