Making a Sign With a Router

In this video I demonstrate the technique I used to carve letters with a palm router. This skill is very useful when making signs.
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-Bradley Richardson

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  1. Retired Tony Ramirez

    Very nice video…learning myself too. music artist is? peaceful and tranquil…THANK YOU

  2. Jodee Loves the Lord

    Great piece! Nice work, I’ll try this technique definitely

  3. Love it! Thanks. Good video too – hint: rope is too close too the lettering!

  4. sahne ve sokak sanatları atölyesi

    Müzik çok güzel . müziğin ismi nedir ?

  5. Here is a tip for you, instead of scraping the stencil off with the hand plane, lightly spray mineral spirits on it, wait 10 minutes, and it will peel right off with ease. I use it all the time when working on the scroll saw! Nice video!

  6. Great idea! I’ve also found, using the heat gun helps peel it up. Thanks for watching!

  7. Those eyebrows, lord baby Jesus….

  8. Very nice video and I loved the music. I was a professional wood worker, ie Master Carpenter, Cabinet Maker for 47 years. You do impress me. Thank you for using the old time skills. Keep it up.

  9. great video .just to the point

  10. John Coonradt jr.5

    What size bit did you use

  11. Keith Hollis Board

    Instead print in reverse and tape to wood then use Acetone on rag, not sloppy wet but good and moist and wipe on the paper and the design will transfer to the wood. It does a nice job. Also works on Sand blast resist stencil.

  12. Its a ,lot easier to use carbon paper to transfer the lettering to workpiece.

  13. Pretty cool

  14. Lewis Bates I’ll have to try that next time! Thanks for sharing!

  15. You spelt workshop wrong!

  16. I actually just checked hahaha

  17. Yay!! i made you look! he he

  18. boo bye you spelled “spelled” wrong

  19. quick tip. use masking tape and glue the paper straight to the tape so you can peel it off way easier

  20. Nice job Grasshopper

  21. John Coonradt jr.5

    Good job

  22. Really good job!

  23. Check WoodPrix instructions if you’d like to make it better and cheaper 🙂

  24. can you tell me what web site you got your stencils

  25. No website. I make these myself.

  26. Doubt he got the reference. I prolly wouldn’t have either if my mom hadn’t been a fan of the original Kung-Fu.

  27. HeirloomGameCalls

    You did a great job. Try and think out your steps a little better in the future. Paint the letters in before you remove our paper or if you remove the paper already, spray with shellac before painting the letters. Then simply plane off the excess overspray. Just a helpful hint.

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