Making A Saw Board (DIY Track Saw)

Nothing new about this and there are many versions, mostly all the same, but here's mine.
I used 1/2" melamine and 1/4" thick spruce. The glue is polyurethane construction adhesive.
I use these mostly to cut sheets down to rough size, then make the final cuts on the table saw.
More details on this project and many others at my website:


  1. luis carlos Oliveira

    gostei beleza !!

  2. buen video amigo

  3. 1:13 ~ 1:14 WTF, something crossing behind the door’s window, a bike? a bird?

  4. John simple idea but works 10000% thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for putting this demo. Great idea which I’m going to adapt

  6. The accuracy of this is limited by how straight your strip of 1/4″ spruce is.  Did you joint the edge of it before assembly?  I’m thinking of doing something similar, but using an extruded aluminum rail as my reference strip.

  7. The accuracy comes from the factory edge of the melamine. Watch it again, but pay attention this time.

  8. +John Heisz The part I missed was at 2:30, where you said you cut the 1/4″ spruce strips yourself (thus eliminating any warpage along the edge you end up using as the fence for your circular saw.)
    The line you score at 3:45 (referenced from the factory edge) allows you accurately place the strip… but my original question was how you made sure the strip itself had no subtle crooks (which you’d likely notice anyway, when you placed it against your scored line.)
    Thanks for the reply.

  9. I cut the strip accurately on my table saw and it it flexible enough to conform to the scored line.

  10. We’re I’m from, we pronounce it “mell-a-mean”. Just thought I’d pass that along.

  11. Thanks saved me a chunk instead of buy a tracksaw..

  12. Car on the road.

  13. Thanks for a good idea. I was wondering how I could cut long cuts without breaking the bank..

  14. I can’t cut straight I guess you don’t need the guide

  15. Do you recommend any particular type of blade for cutting that stuff?

  16. Like you said they’re expensive for what they are, so I use a plank of wood clamp down as a guide… but it’s a bit fiddly to set up right…

    This is a much easier setup so will be making one shortly.



  18. Couldn’t you just tack the spruce piece onto a 8′ long board, then run the circular saw across it. would make it exact to the blade.

  19. man you’re making this way too complicated.

  20. Really? Where did you get lost? Maybe you aren’t cut out for this kind of thing.

  21. +John Heisz I once got a D in physics. The next semester I took it again because I knew I could do better. That semester I had this amazing professor who turned these complicated concepts into easy steps to follow. My final grade was an A. Later I found out most kids who took the first professor’s class failed. Guess he wasn’t cut out to teach. Anyway, this guy made it simple enough for me to make a jig in 15 minutes. Amazing Circular Saw Jig: Quick, Accurate & Easy

  22. +dreamingcode Some people need things explained overly, like he does in that video. I’ll say that mine (the video) is not an example of my finest work, and if I were to make it today it would be better, but I would still make the jig the same way. What may have lost you was how I used the table saw to make an accurate line on the base of the track. That’s just a really handy trick for laying out a straight line on something. 

  23. The beauty of the video referred to, is the clarity. He starts by explaining the problem that is being solved, then shows the solution, then how to make it. With this video, it’s assumed you know the problem and the solution, and you don’t get to see it until 7 minutes later.

  24. I hope that’s constructive. Also, he doesnt require a table-saw

  25. only if your spruce board is realy straight

  26. Why bother with all this stressing over accuracy? Why not just whack down your guide strip, then run the circular saw against it to make the edge perfectly straight, and exactly the right distance from the guide?

  27. Why not fix the timber strip then run the saw up the side of it then the saw blade will be exactly to the edge of your board/guide?

  28. +wayne burgess if the guide strip is not perfectly straight the cut wont be either

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  30. I found this greatly helpful great thanks

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