Making a Portable Workshop – Part 1

A Portable Workshop for those of you that don't have much space and a compact cabinet you can store and carry all your stuff to work in other locations.

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  1. Very cool video! Great devises!

  2. +Maxim Kozlov thanks Maxim!

  3. zain c r 7 خفاجي وافتخر‎

    جميل جدا. احسنت vhare nice

  4. 공구마음에 드네요 살수있엇음좋겟네요

  5. una consulta, como se llama esa madera? se que en usa le dicen plywood,pero
    aca en argentina no la puedo ubicar, por ahi tiene el mismo nombre que en

  6. +Marceloid3 en Venezuela se llama contra enchapado o triplex y vienen de
    diferentes calibres el usan en el video es como 18mm

  7. muchas gracias crack!

  8. 🗞📓🗳📯

  9. Sam

  10. Paoson WoodWorking

    If you’d like to help me you can upload subtitles in your own language
    following this link:
    Puedes contribuir con subtítulos en tu idioma en el siguiente enlace:

  11. Olá!
    adorei o canal
    espero ver muitos trabalhos
    um abraço.
    sou de Recife – Brasil

  12. Paoson WoodWorking

    +Rivaldo Arruda Obrigado!

  13. thats a nice machine there plainer…im new in wood and im looking for
    something like that can you tell me where to purchase that equipment thanks

  14. Paoson WoodWorking

    plans available here

  15. julio daniel albarracin

    excelente !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Paoson WoodWorking


  17. I can’t access the web site. Could you send me a email with the plans
    Best Wishes!

  18. Paoson WoodWorking

    I’m sorry, It is updated, will be operational tomorrow

  19. +Paoson WoodWorking website is still down

  20. ‫ابو راكان الفارسي‬‎


  21. Madera prensada o TRIPLAY hay de varios espesores no sólo de 4 mm.! suerte!

  22. Meu amigo muito bom seu trabalho, você é muito inteligente, eu gostaria de
    saber se você me manda o projeto com as medidas porque eu gostei muito
    desse seu trabalho mas não tenho como fazer pois preciso das medidas, e
    preciso saber quanto custa $$$$

  23. Olá, olhar para o meu site, você vai encontrar mais informações:

  24. Every thing in your shop is hand-made by you…Man, I would say you are the
    best in entire woodworking channels…
    – your work is clean as f…
    – you plans are second to none.
    seriously i have no such bigger words to appreciate your work

  25. I am happy to read your words, thank you so much!

  26. @paoson where did you learn to do these things? of some tips there, I want
    to electronics, but want to learn some carpentry stuff too and have a table
    or other machines that take to do these things.

  27. thanks!

  28. Super cool Drill press u got

  29. thank you so much!

  30. Николай Веселов

    просто супер! и вполне доступно даже с менее крутыми инструментами. профи!

  31. спасибо!

  32. as great achievement!

  33. thank you!

  34. gostei muito do seu progeto que voce combina sua furadeira como tupia

  35. obrigado!

  36. Thinking about buying the plans, but want to know how much all the supplies
    for the workbench would be before I take it on. Any idea how much all the
    supplies would be?

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