Making a knife with only common tools – time-lapse

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Making a prototype bushcraft/camping knife using only simple tools. The blade is made from O1 tool steel, the handle is made from brown Micarta.

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Regarding the sanding block: lots of people asked about the sanding block I'm using, so I made a video about it here:

If you're looking at getting into knifemaking, here is a rough list of the tools/materials you would use to make something similar to this knife:

O1 Tool Steel:
O1 Drill Rod (for pins):

Layout dye:
Hacksaw blades (10", 24TPI):
Small C clamps:
Transfer Punches:
4" Vise:
12" Double cut bastard file:
10" half round bastard file:
OR File set:
Milwaukeee M12 drill:
'F' clamps:
Fine Sandpaper:
Bernzomatic MAPP torch:
Channel Locks:
Toaster oven (or use home oven):
Masking tape:

Tools to make:
2 Brick forge:
(K23 firebricks for 2 brick forge, you can get these cheaper locally):
Filing Jig:

Thanks for watching!


  1. you should turn this into a song

  2. 2:46 and 3:11 is that a picture of a man on the blade?

  3. 2:46 is slenderman

  4. How long did it take to make?

  5. TxSwedishWiking gaming

    that tool is that you use to make the steel so shiny and polished? please

  6. WOW! this is truely amazing how much patience you have with this!

  7. +Gough Custom What thickness is the O1 Steel that you use? Just wanting to
    make sure the link in the description (5/32″) is the same as what you would
    suggest using.

  8. How high quality is this knife? Is it more of a decorative piece, or is it
    solid enough to be used for hunting and camping?

  9. The sawing in the beginning sounds like a kid going pfffffffft

  10. Dangerous this guy!

  11. he said to another comment 14 hours

  12. I think it is 600 grit sandpaper with water on it

  13. the sound when you grind is like something out of monty python

  14. It looks like it’s just metal shavings to me…..

  15. Say Heah, Your Good !

  16. the real illuminati

    +TxSwedishWiking gaming
    sandpaper in high grit.
    one could use buffing compound on a buffing wheel to get mirror finish.

  17. ‫ابو عبدالله‬‎


  18. It’s meant for solid purposes , he sells them for something around 300
    dollars I can’t remember , he’s made some customs ones for a group of
    clients that where going to the arctic

  19. can someone please tell me the purpose of the process at 4:27

  20. Hey mate! Tempering the steel exchanges some of the hardness for more
    toughness, it’s an important step… Without it the blade would be brittle
    like a china plate.

  21. oh ok thankyou 🙂

  22. As I have been sanding down the G10 handle, the nice wood grain/layered
    look to it has disappeared and it’s now pretty smooth. I smoothed it down
    to 250 grit. Is that too smooth?

  23. Thanks for your prompt answer mate. Just one more please. Have built a
    little forge pretty much identical to yours, nearly 2.5 in. hole diameter
    but open all the way through. My torch is a bernzomatic, but a cheaper
    model than yours tho the air hole is down the towards the bottle end which
    is good. Problem is it doesnt look close to heating up enough,even if I
    partly block the back end of the brick hole. How long do you pre heat yours
    before you can use it? Maybe my torch just aint grunty enough. Oh and do
    you use propane or map gas. I may have to build a coke forge in my old bbq.
    Cheers mate

  24. With mine both propane and MAPP worked fine… I pre-heated the forge for
    about 4-5 minutes before use. I’m using a bernzomatic TS4000 torch…

  25. I only sand mine to about 120 grit in order for it to stay grippy. Going
    smoother shouldn’t make the texture disappear though, try wetting it and
    see if the texture shows up again.

  26. perfect my dear

  27. Thanks!

  28. you didn’t temper the blade

  29. Sure he did

  30. ziono 4:27

  31. how think does the edge have to be before heat treated? A small bit over
    center line marked? Im on my first knife and don’t want to go to thin
    before treating? Great work friend!

  32. On average how long would this take?

  33. About 12-14 hours in this case.

  34. The edge should be around 0.020″ thick before heat-treatment.

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