Making A KARAMBIT With Common Power Tools

Adventures by A Himitsu
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Waves by Steven O’Brien
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Voyage by LEMMiNO
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Sonata by Thunderbolt …
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  1. How much might you charge if I say, wanted you to build me a custom one.

  2. Kirito’s Elucidator or Dark Repulser from the anime SwordArtOnline!😀

  3. looks factory new… is it a stat track?

  4. nah mate, vanilla

  5. You should make a butterfly knife (balisong) if you haven’t already.

  6. Do a butterfly knife/ balisong

  7. the damn spider scared the hell out of me at 0:01 lol

  8. Look at hia chanal

  9. +ITzDarrk I did and it was cool thanks

  10. he did already, just click on his channel, he doesn’t have to many videos

  11. I was about to ask that

  12. Rising Awareness III

    Impressive. Next, please make an old skool wooden steak; and then drive it
    into the heart of that vampire Hillary Clinton. Thanks in advance.

  13. beauty .. you can give me this becouse i loove knifes :)

  14. no man i think its chocolate… -_- 😀

  15. what did he use for the handle?

  16. hey i was about to say that to

  17. Basher sword from final fantasy!!!

  18. no 🙂

  19. do a m9 bayonet PLS PLS PLS!!!!!!😟😟😟😟

  20. It’s not stat trak

  21. MogliTV l More than Gaming

    Do a Case hardened. I will Pay 300 Bucks

  22. you will pay hamburger

  23. fucking anime

  24. no, m8 is way better 😐

  25. bahahahahahaha mk sure it is.. a karambit is used for MANY purposes…
    generally in grappling moves… to both slice and grip…

  26. It’s used for harvesting XD.

  27. It’s used for slicing.

  28. Ooook

  29. bradley ross Karambits are designed for slicing. When used in combat, they
    are used to shear inches into flesh and sever tendons. That is why
    karambits are often considered dangerous. Someone with experience could
    easily leave you motionless and bleeding to death on the floor.

  30. Kristoffer Johannessen

  31. mad lol

  32. LaMortaGaming lol

  33. can you try to do a m9 bayonet gamma doppler from csgo?

  34. I would like to see Marble Fade, haha

  35. King Vendetta HELL TO THE NAH NAH

  36. lk oli

  37. CTE-Cihan Taşdemir

    Rising Awareness III a

  38. small katana!!!!! @_@

  39. make the ”dawnbreaker” sword from skyrim, search it up on google images
    if you havent seen it before.

  40. Rising Awareness III

  41. Cameron The Toy Hunter


  42. What’s the tool he used at 6:35?

  43. jirka Boy

  44. MrWhytex

  45. Raideri Plays

  46. Blue Slime

  47. John Knock

  48. Rising Awareness III

  49. A dremel?

  50. wooden steaks are pretty rare.

  51. What material did you use for the handle

  52. can u make the AK-47 from black ops

  53. donald trump* lmao

  54. For all here asking for skyrim stuff. i dont know if any of you know how
    unrealisticly thick and heavy those things are? wich also makes them much
    harder to make and requires lots n lots of heating that means a much bigger
    forge thats stationed.


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