Making a Hunting Knife From a Circular Saw Blade (Common Tools)


In this video I make a drop point hunter style knife from a circular saw blade which I bought at a scrapyard.

As I started working with the steel, I realized it was too hard to shape using files so I had to anneal it, which I did by heating the steel to red heat and dunking it in sand so it would cool slower.

To drill the steel I had to use masonry drill bit because despite annealing the steal it was still too hard to drill using normal drill bits with a hand drill.

I heat treated the knife by again heating it to red heat and than I dunked in motor oil. I tempered the steel by leaving the knife close to the forge as it was cooling down and I watched the colors of the steel. Once it reached a straw color near the edge I once again dunked it in oil. Unfortunately the battery on my camera ran out of power so I wasn't able to film it.

To file the bevels I used the filing jig design by Aaron Gough of Gough Custom and you can find that video here:

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  1. Sweet Knife
    I like How you work with what you have

  2. Nice and solid work that knife will last you a lifetime. Even your grandchildren will be able to enjoy your work. Well done!

  3. Hopefully! Thanks a lot for watching.

  4. Thanks a lot!

  5. I love these. first because they are awesome and second because the person making them isn’t flapping their gums the entire time.

  6. True!Good Job!

  7. Haha!

  8. Threecreation Leather

    Fantastic job. You should stamp your work with some kind of maker mark so when someone digs it out of an attic 100yrs. from now its identifiable.

  9. Threecreation Leather this

  10. where’d you get the file jig / idea for the file jig?

  11. Jeremy Gardner I was going to say the same thing. So simple and low tech, but stupidly efficient.

  12. Not only Wood too twoo too twoo

  13. just an FYI files only cut in one direction. that’s forward. You are losing file life the way you use them!

  14. maj planinsek fishing

    how thick is the steal

  15. 3mm

  16. maj planinsek fishing

    Thanks I found a saw blade but is 2 mm thick and I am planing to make a quite big knife and I am afraid that the steel is too thin

  17. Thanks for sharing the video, but i must have mist you harden the blade. I don’t think it will stay sharp for long.

  18. Read the discrption

  19. How long does one put it in the oven?

  20. i just use a piece of square tubing clamped perpendicular to a wood board and then clamp the knife at the edge of the board. same concept.

  21. Kids in Africa could’ve eaten that sawblade…

  22. 9:30 eww wtf are you doing?

  23. Darran Stephens unless it’s a double cut file ,then it is made to cut in both directions

  24. I once tried to make knife from what I didn’t have, but it fell apart the fist time that I tried to trim my beard with it.

  25. You did a great job & was very determined to get it done in a crude fashion of tools you had. Made me appreciate my 1×30 and 4×36 belt sanders. You my sir have more patients than I. Knife came out a beauty for sure and with all the work you put into it – you must be proud of it. Thanks for the vid.  Sure wish people would read how you didn’t have the vid footage of treating it yet you explained what you did – but they have to take cheap shots.

  26. He is showing how sharp the knife is, in this case it was razor sharp

  27. That’s a winner,lots of old school craftsman ship.

  28. It varies by Materials and opinions but 2 cycles of anywhere between 400 and 450 Fahrenheit for 20-25 minute cycles should do the trick. Let it air cool between cycles.

  29. Nice knife well done. Great copy of a Lansky sharpener. You should retitle your video How I made a knife from a circular saw blade. Websters defines “common” as “occurring or appearing frequently”. Ninety percent of the tools you used are not common. Not common to the common man anyway. Extra large bench vice, large grinder, black smith tongs and fire pit, the extra large circular saw blade for stock, etc. etc. etc. Look at some other youtube videos that really use hobbyist tools or true common tools to make a knife. If they show a belt sander, they tell you how they made it from spare parts or where to buy it cheap. Just change your title to display your acumen not lure us in with the one you have. Yours is enjoyable to watch in any case even if it is uncommon.

  30. I love using power hands.

  31. … again, your skills are crazy mad, can you please consider making nun chucks? and then letting me know 😉  It would a simple project for you and I would love it, thanks either way. . ….. …

  32. …. wow , I am enjoying this video too!   maybe a set of lock picks would make a good video too 😉 like a diamond, hook and unbreakable tension.  take care, keep up spreading knowledge to the people and helping educate society, your doing a good thing in the Lords eyes and mans!

  33. beautiful work

  34. Nice looking knife keep after the trade

  35. You have inspired me to finish the knife I started in high school 20 years ago.  btw, beautiful design!

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