Making a Cabinet the Easy Way – Kreg Pocket Hole Jig – Vlog #2

Barret and I show you how to easily put together cabinet projects or just about any kind of project with the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Music: The music "The Artisan Way" was written and performed for my channel by my son, Barret. His channel is here


  1. where can you find that jig?

  2. Artisan Construction, LLC

    Lowes carries them!

  3. Joe basementwoodworking

    +dreamwisperer home deopot,rockler, 🙂

  4. if your starting a cabinets project you need to checkout *mysecretblueprints. com* for the best plans, everything is well laid out (schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions etc.)

  5. Tammy M. Dickerson

    +dreamwisperer >>>Fine Woodworking Plans-Downloadable Pro plans… <<<<

  6. +Akin Making  ya but u gada pay for them don’t you?

  7. why does tubby keep telling that redheaded goof he is doing a good job? he is just standing there playing pocket pool!

  8. Holy crap couldn’t even finish this video.

  9. You clowns are butt crazy. No shop safety at all!

  10. no, no, no, one time!

  11. Couldn’t watch this mess. The shop was an utter mess and not safe at all and no equipment safety. They may make a great product, but wow, so unsafe.

  12. Those Phillips head screws will take the Robertson (square) driver as well. Trust me: I’m a…………nobody special to you, pal.

  13. ” You won’t believe how unbelievably… ”

    no, i wont

  14. Those screws are a square drive as well as Phillips….. I use them all the time…. if someone doesn’t have the square drive bit, they can still use them…

  15. was looking for vlog 1

  16. i bet your cabinets are empty , cause everything is on your machines


  18. don’t most people put pocket holes on the inside?

  19. since this is an inset cabinet, the pocket holes will be hidden

  20. Your apprentice looks like a ginger version of Harry Potter

  21. we all skip health and safety every now and then…but you take it to a whole new level. amazing how you still have all your limbs and digits attached. accident just waiting to happen

  22. FYI, (not sure if any one else caught your lack of observation before me) the “phillips” screws you thought were not usable are a hybrid square drive. the square drive that comes with the jig fits those screws as well as a #3 phillips bit.

  23. Jeez…don’t you believe in countersinking the screw heads? I know they’re on the back of the cabinet and probably won’t be seen, but c’mon…,


  25. I was going to rip on the goof not listening to an ef’n thing he was told but hesitated for fear of possible retardation.

  26. im not going to comment on the content of the video other than to say your shop is a train wreck.
    you said you have a partner and this is clearly the reason. nobody wants to take the responsibility to clean up the whole shop.

    your efficiency is eliminated 10 fold because of the unorganized state.

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