1. Great !!! As always love to watch ur vids.Happy new year!!!!!

  2. That is way too cool. U guys in the woodworking community really know how to make STUFF using wood with nuts and bolts. I spend hours watching all U guys. Thanx it’s better than most TV.

  3. Thanks Jack.

    I think I would prefer your sander to the commercial set I have for my drill press.

  4. That is very cool Jack!
    I like the gauge you used to check for round.  I have never seen that before.  Did you make that one?

  5. I’ve made and used similar spindles in my drill press, they do what they are supposed to. But I suggest one small improvement; make a bottom support – a piece of board with a hole fit for the rod. This adds stability, especially if you happen to push on your work piece too heavily. 

  6. Like the way you used the drill press support bar as leverage and get the angle sander to get the drums just right! And the twisted application of the sandpaper was great to reduce the “split hump” when sanding. Best wishes for you and the family in 2015!

  7. Excdellent!   ALl regular items and no special sandpaper tubes needed ro anything!  Great! I may have to make a few different sizes! 

  8. The ShavingWood Workshop

    Great idea Jack, down to how you trued up the spindle. Good video.

  9. My thoughts exactly!  Great minds DO think alike!!

  10. So that is why the diagonal roll. So smart….

  11. And if you want to make the bottom support even better, you can use a ball bearing with a bore size a bit smaller than your threaded rod. With a file you can carefully grind away the thread (while spinning the thing in your drill press) until the head of the rod fits the bearing.

  12. You might add a bearing to the bottom end of the spindle and then make a table top with a hole just big enough for the bearings to fit in. this would prevent the sideways stress being made solely on the chuck.

  13. I always enjoy your videos. I’ve learned some great tips and lessons from them. Music is much better.

  14. If you mounted a Bearing on lower axle into a base plate it might improve stability or take more Sand pressure

  15. Well done! Nice music too!

  16. Hey Jack, nice job, but those extra long spindles are probably wreaking havoc with your drill press thrust bearing. All power drills use thrust bearings which are designed for axial force, not radial like regular bearings. When sanding, the longer your spindle the more sideways force you are applying to the bearing (via leverage) in a direction it is not designed for. To protect your drill press you should really have the spindle shaft extend past the bottom of the spindle and into a regular radial bearing which is anchored onto the table. That way you aren’t putting undue sideways force on your press bearing.

  17. Good to hear. You might want to make that point to your viewers. Keep up the great vids.

  18. Of all the DIY videos that I have seen on the tube yours are the best and the ones that make more sense. Very clear, no hollywood acting like most posers posting on you tube and down to the nitty-gritty. thanks for your useful lessons. thumbs up

  19. why not making lathe ?? easy

  20. Hi there,

    Sorry, I didn’t read through all the comments to see if this has been covered before(sneaking in this video at work and need to get back at working ! lol). Just wondered why you haven’t make a bearing race at the bottom to steady your drum/threaded bar? Just a square block of wood at the bottom that you can clamp to your table(even from the bottom), then have a counter sunk hole for the bearing. A small piece of wood can also be added if you wish OVER the bearing to prevent it from coming out(extra security). Then a through hole for your threaded bar. That should stablize your drum a lot.

    Hope my attempt to explain makes sense!!!

  21. +Jack Houweling maybe he was asking why not make the wood blocks round on a lathe? of so that is a reasonably good question. just speculation though

  22. He’s probably using the drill press to show how this can be done on a drill press. Someone interested in making these would surely have a drill press, but may not own a lathe.

  23. he doesn’t want to over work lol

  24. Love it, am going to try making this set up, thanks for that Jack, love your videos

  25. Real genius is
    seeing what was there all the time, when no one else sees it. Feliz Natal from Brazil.

  26. ArmasLahtaaja

  27. This was my first thought as well, its cool but its not worth destroying your spindle. Find a small bearing you can press into a block of wood you can attach firmly to your table

  28. At 2:00 was that a nuke radio active detecter,,?

  29. Спасибо за подсказки.

  30. Where do you find such bearing?

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