Make an Adirondack chair for your home this summer. Limited tools woodworking project!

Another WWMM limited tools, limited space project! You can build this cool Adirondack chair in a weekend with a jigsaw, a drill, and a few other basic tools. Here's what I used:

Drill and Driver:
Pocket hole jig:
Random orbit sander:


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  1. Nice to see you back Steve. Thank you for proving to people that I have
    character. Because I do a lot of those “character building exercises” too!
    In fact, it’s about the “exercise” I’m good at.

  2. +Steve Ramsey
    I second that!

  3. The best thing about those charecter building excercises is that sometimes
    you actually get a better creative solution from your mistakes.

  4. Not exactly a classic Adirondack, but a nice build.

  5. awesome job

  6. just did this project but for some reason the front part ended up to high
    that i had to cut the front legs about 4 inches in order to make it more
    comfortable, maybe i am just to short lol,

  7. What kind of bolt did you use to connect the legs and seat?

  8. great instructions!

  9. hihi😂😉👍
    you mayd it happan 👍👍

  10. I love that you leave in your mistakes.

  11. Those videos… they are so amusing. :)

  12. I made one in a woodshop class but it folds up

  13. Gracias por los subtítulos buen trabajo

  14. Every project I work on, I build more and more character. Great Video!!!

  15. McDonald's Farmer

    That’s what sets his videos apart from the many other builders on YouTube.
    Everyone makes mistakes no matter what they are doing, and by showing that
    even the best make the same mistakes, it helps the rest of us trying to
    achieve the same results stay calm and realize that it’s all minor!

  16. McDonald's Farmer

    It’s great because I watch your videos on YouTube, and then go to your
    website and watch the same videos…just in case I missed something! Thanks
    again for all the time and effort. The plans you write up are amazing.

  17. I really like your videos.

  18. Trond Erlend Rotabakk

    Really enjoy your channel. Inspirational and with perfect grade of

    Do you have any plans for making a rocking chair version?

  19. love your work and your sense of humor man haha! Great video

  20. What size screws did you use? Can you please tell me?

  21. Hey steve what size pocket screws did you use?

  22. I’m so addicted to this show!

  23. What type of wood do you use?

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