Make a Wood Scribe Marking Tool – Day 12 of 30

Today I made a simple woodworking scriber, gauge or marking tool depending on how you call it…
Pretty easy to make, You don't have to make the brass bold with the lathe as i did just for the look, you can use a normal nut…

If you make this try to leave a very little wiggle room with the ruler as you can easily register it to a true square and use it itself as a nice thin square… I love it so far, hope you like the video!

Thanks for banana!

This video is part of a 30 days challenge that I started with my brother David Waelder:

Suggestions, questions or stuff related to the challenge? Comment, I read them all!

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  1. Great project, I might try this one myself. That music made me want to
    slash my wrists :-s

  2. So simple yet so useful! Excellent as usual.

  3. Stefano il Falegname

    efficace e semplice. ottimo, ciao!

  4. hahaha. “Thanks for banana” You’re funny :)

  5. Joe basementwoodworking

    love the editing..working hard?,,or hardly working “)

  6. +Jellyf0x ahah sorry

  7. Norner Houtbewerking

    You must be a magician man.. can’t figure out how you split that block with
    a single throw. Mind is blown.
    Always good to see two grownups in the Decathlon goofing around. That
    snorkeling mask on your Instagram is great by the way ;)

  8. I really enjoy how you take a simple project and make it feel bigger then
    it is. that’s talent.

  9. You make a simple project look awesome

  10. Really nice!

  11. TeaDrinkingIlluminati

    When i watch your videos, i turn off the lights, select the highest
    resolution, click fullscreen, leave everything im doing and watch it from
    beginning to end. 10/10

  12. I

  13. How about an autobiography video… Love all the videos you do, would just
    like to know a bit more about you.

  14. very cool!

  15. Yeahhh knurling! good stuff man as everyday

  16. Link to the song?

  17. Your videos are so mysterious, I love it! :D

  18. TeaDrinkingIlluminati

    +Giaco Whatever ILY too

  19. Randall Natomagan

    That is awesome! Nice work giaco

  20. Nice. I’m putting this one of the project list for sure. I could find all
    kinds of uses for this in the shop.

  21. You could drill a hole in that ruler the diameter of the pencil to locate
    it perfectly as you draw reference lines

  22. i know this is an alternate, but I just bought a combination square to do
    this very job, and it set me back only about 5 dollars, 65 South African
    Rands (ZAR)

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