Make a wood drafting table – The Architect’s Table part ten.

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Woodworking videos, woodworking tips, woodworking projects and woodworking techniques. Using only hand tools, designer/maker Tom Fidgen builds custom furniture and woodworking design in his basement workshop.
Author of the books Made by Hand- Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop and The Unplugged Woodshop- Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop.
A companion video to The Architect's Table from the new book- The Unplugged Woodshop – Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop by Tom Fidgen.

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  1. Nice work, thanks for this one Tom. 

  2. Your videos aren’t long enough. I could seriously sit here and watch for
    hours…between the awesome music and your fine woodworking…maybe it’s a
    good thing they are short…lol

  3. Dude, you rock!

  4. Just ordered the book. Can’t wait!

  5. A joy to watch your art come to full realisation, keep it up!

  6. Hi Tom,
    nice video.
    The half-blind dovetail joint looks great. War with safety a slightly
    longer work to make the connection prongs (scribing, sawing and then chisel

  7. thanks Gunter !

  8. Harmony achieved.

  9. Okay idk who are the four people who disliked but gotta say there dum
    anyway THIS IS NICE!! The way u work and the details wow seriously tru
    beauty !! 

  10. Dumb*

  11. They’re *

  12. I am wondering where you get most of your wood from. We’re from roughly the
    same area and I need some insight as I think I’m ready to step outside of
    using only 3/4″ material.

  13. +Tim Kotanko Thanks Tim- there are plenty of mills and wood dealers around
    the GTA. I just discovered Woodchuckers out on Morningside Dr. in
    Scarborough …( near Lee Valley Tools ) and I’ve been to Exotic Woods in
    Burlington as well as A&M in Cambridge.
    If you’re downtown Toronto, our new school/store/makerspace, the
    UW-Toronto, will have some local woods for sale. Come visit us in December!

    all the best~

  14. Ohhhh…. Architects table! Thought it was a dining table for an architect.

  15. whats the song in the video?

  16. +Mario Tibbrine thanks for the interest Mario. it’s called ‘Davey Jones’
    and was written and recorded by me and a friend, Scott Brown, about 10
    years ago. It was never put on an album so it’s not available for purchase.
    all the best-

  17. +Tom Fidgen oh its pretty cool you should redo it and put it out there

  18. Incredible craftsmanship!

  19. Thanks, nice table. =) Really like the big wrk surfaces for my work. I also
    have a nice Knoll Chair and a Lumiy Draftsman LED Desk lamp. It makes for
    the perfect work surface.

  20. ce n’est plus du travail c’est de l art…magnifique……..
    bravo………………. super……

  21. What song is this

  22. Disregard last comment

  23. Merci Francis!

  24. ; )


  25. Wow, simply a piece of art !!!

  26. i would like a copy of the schematics and parts lists, bro could you
    provide it please.

  27. Thanks for the interest. You’ll find detailed plans, diagrams and
    instruction in my book, The Unplugged Woodshop, available here:

    all the best~

  28. the song plz

  29. Thanks again for the interest. The songs are called “Davey Jones” and
    Tomorrow Tonight- both are by my old band SUNFISH and are not currently
    available online.
    all the best~

  30. What is the name of that curved style of stay or support you made?

  31. I’m not exactly sure what they’re called. I call them stays. -; D

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