1. Where do we buy the grates?

  2. @Patsy, those look like BBQ grates that you can get at Lowes, Home Depot,

  3. Onlyonestinger Reef

    where do I get the Buckets??

  4. doesn’t look good at all..the barrel is beautiful, but then you put those
    junk buckets on top and white rocks. they don’t go together at all..could
    have done so much better with that barrell

  5. This seems so easy to put together and would be a wonderful attraction to
    any front or backyard. Thank you for sharing

  6. Yes true is cross fit a business?because I’ve heard of it

  7. Oh my GAWD, sorry guys but this is a MAJOR fail… YUK!!!!

  8. looks ridiculous

  9. use large ceramic pots that have a blue glaze on them

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