Make a painting and finishing cart for your workshop

Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. Here's a useful shop project. Store your painting and finishing supplies on one cart and roll it wherever needed. More on this project and fee plans:

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  1. Hi I am curious if you can suggest to me an affordable dado blade set I can
    buy for my 10″ table saw. Thank you

  2. I don’t know what’s your budget, but probably this will help: At Home
    Depot: Buffalo Tools 7-1/4 in. 24 Teeth DADO Blade Model # SBDADO Internet
    # 204194343 $19.97 At Lowes: Skil 7-Piece Circular Saw Blade Set Item #:
    98584 | Model #: 79600 $14.39 At Ace: Vermont American® Adjustable Dado
    (26752) Item no: 24678 | 045325267523 $39.99 At Sears: Craftsman 6 in. Dado
    Set Item # 00932175000 | Mfr. Model # 32175 $36.99 

  3. Also: Harbor Freight: 1) 7-1/4″, 40 Tooth Carbide Tipped Adjustable Dado
    Blade Item #36912 $25.99 2) 8″ C2 Tungsten Carbide Tipped 22 Tooth Dado
    Blade Set With Saws And Chippers Item #40745 $34.99 3) 8″, 42 Tooth Carbide
    Tipped Dado Blade Stack Item #44566 $59.99

  4. Impractical Fishermen

    Wrapping the top with cardboard will give you a good surface to finish on
    that will not scratch the wood and is easy to replace if it gets too messed

  5. what kind of table saw do you own?

  6. Awsome project Steve yes and you are speedy on the nail gun

  7. LOL, 3:50; perfect! That was awesome and made me laugh. Thanks, laughter is
    a plus!

  8. you should put a dowel in two blocks on the side to hold masking paper to
    pull over the top to paint on 

  9. Stupid casters should be put on the opposite side of the store so we don’t
    accidentally grab them. :-/

  10. This is amazing, awesome job! 

  11. Great idea man! I got to thinking using waxed butcher paper might be
    another option if your concerned with paint seeping through the masking
    paper. A clamp on the far two corners, and voila.

    Id imagine keeping the wax side down would prevent any contamination issues.

  12. Steve Van Keulen II

    What kind of wood did you use? Im relatively new to wood working projects.
    In want to make a decent size “laundry caddy” table. Kind of want to use
    some of your ideas here with grooving instead of just screwing it together.

  13. did u use brad nails or pin nails.

  14. i,m going to build 1 thanks.

  15. Those “stupid” non-swiveling casters are great to give more control over
    the cart. Especially if it is bigger and/or heavier. So the cart can’t
    break to the sides which is hard to avoid with all wheels swiveling.
    You’ll notice this on nearly every steered cart or pallet jack, etc.

  16. Javisiiito Hernandez


  17. Massimo (salice59)

    Great Steve!! But three wheels are better than two!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :)

  18. i dint find the plans the page shows 404 not found

  19. I can’t find the plans. It shows an error.

  20. I need a bunch of these for my apartment!

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