make a log slice wood art decor – woodworking

log slice wood art decor – woodworking


pearlescent pigment (Perlmutt Effektpigment silber fein)

Epoxy (Epoxidgießharz E45GB)
Color pigment (Farbstoff transparent)

"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Seriously, what is up with the porn music track?

  2. +dchubb42 You never get tired of classic porn music! 🙂

  3. If I were to make a similar work of “art”, I would use a wood burning tool
    and label the rings to correspond to the years it was alive showing the
    growth of each year which sometimes indicates the rainfall and then top it
    off with a clock. I like beautiful things that have practical uses.

  4. ME parece algo muy poco util…. Es mas, sin animo de ofender pero hasta de
    adorno se ve feo!

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  6. Because he was rubbing his wood lol

  7. the shadow people

    yeah great work you could do allot of differnt things add glow in the dark
    paint put glass finish on it make a clock with glow in the dark hands the
    options are unlimited thank you for sharing !

  8. artesanatos e dicas

    como e o nome desse produto aqui no Brasil.

  9. Carlos Martin Vazquez

    Asi dice la gente sin amor al arte y sin idea como decorar.

  10. +Carlos Martin Vazquez bien dicho Carlos

  11. Gengibre Animations

    É bem bonito

  12. Nice – would be cool cut into thin slices and used as coasters :)

  13. Haha I see what you did there

  14. alien technology👍

  15. tiago e josi araujo

    good evening!
    I would have to spend esspecificações model used to this process and where
    to buy ? Thank you very much in advance.

  16. well!

  17. Nice Crocs Nancy.

  18. ποσ λέγετε Αυτό το υλικό ξέρει κανείς να μου πει

  19. That piece would sell for 2,000 here in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the anual
    Indian Market. great vid.

  20. I’m assuming this is oil based? if so what is your coloring? u just say
    color pigment but can u give a name of what it is? thanks

  21. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    I used colored epoxy resin to fill the cracks.
    pearlescent pigment (Perlmutt Effektpigment silber fein)
    Epoxy (Epoxidgießharz E45GB)
    Color pigment (Farbstoff transparent)

    Only the finish at the end is oilbased (Danish Oil).

  22. is that a slow curing epoxy? My epoxy seems to cure before I can get the
    holes/cracks filled.

  23. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Yes it is a low viscosity slow curing epoxy.

  24. Looks fantastic..:)
    The oil is a great idea but wouldn’t last too long in the hotter climates.
    Maybe a high gloss resin over the finished product.

  25. of course you can call it art!!!

  26. try 24 hour epoxy. will fix your issue

  27. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Thank you

  28. the one at the end looks lacquered.

  29. 👌👌👌

  30. That is really beautiful. I could imagine a mantle full of them. 🙂 Art
    from nature is the best kind of art.

  31. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Thank you!

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  33. Very nice. You could have made a clock out of it. All that it would have
    required is routing a slot in the back and drilling a hole in the front for
    the clock mechanism.

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