Make a laminated table top – The Architect’s Table part eleven.

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A companion video to The Architect's Table from the new book- The Unplugged Woodshop – Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop by Tom Fidgen.


  1. Matthew- you’re right, card scrapers can get hot but I’ve gotten used to it
    over the years. This is a fairly thick one so maybe that helps. I’ll have
    to check on that one-

    thanks for the comments and question.

  2. Ron,
    thanks for the kind comments.
    I am self taught in everything I do.
    That said, I have read many great books so to say, self-taught may be
    ; D

  3. Ron “Big Ron” Sanford

    thank you for the response please keep your films coming i have watched
    them all, and always look forward to the next, a channel of your caliber
    are very few and far between,by the way are your books available here in
    the states?all the best to you and yours

  4. +Ron Sanford
    for sure-my new book is available at The Taunton Store-
    or, you’ll find both at many online sources,, etc…
    if you’d like a signed copy, you can order directly from me through my
    website- only problem is shipping to the US is expensive.
    thanks again for the comments and interest.

  5. Do you see a disadvantage to using a #80 scraper plane?

  6. thanks tkarlmann. Not at all- if you own a #80 then by all means it could
    work. I don’t have one so I used what I had.
    all the best~

  7. Jack Hudler – thanks for the question and comments. I used a bevel-up plane
    with a 50 degree iron. Worked great! all the best~

  8. That work is B-I-N-G-O.

  9. Thanks for the interest- that song is called ‘Human by Trade’ and it’s
    available on iTunes here:
    all the best~

  10. Thanks. Just bought the whole EP. Cheers my friend!

  11. Many thanks! Hope you enjoy it~

  12. +Tom Fidgen nice video you schould check out my channel would be cool

  13. I’m reminded of the Abe Lincoln adage: If I’ve got 6 hours to cut a tree
    down I’ll take 4 hours to sharpen the ax.

  14. Wow… All of a sudden I really appreciate my power tools!

  15. Nice challenge ….. maybe …….

  16. My arms would feel like noodles

  17. Bartolomé Sánchez

    Muy buen trabajo

  18. what an awesome work!!!!!!

  19. +Tom Fidgen What do you planeon the back of your plane in order to
    lubricate? Where buy this?

  20. Thanks for the question. I use 100% beeswax on the sole of my planes. You
    can order it online right here:

  21. Hermano no se si entiendes español, pero mil,felicidades por tú trabajo,
    así se trabaja a la vieja escuela. Y esos 500 que no les gusta tu video
    mándalos a la mierda. Son unos envidiosos que están todo el día tirados en
    sus camas, que Dios te bendiga y te de mucha salud. Para que sigas con tu
    trabajo. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

  22. stamina lv 9999 haha

  23. That’s amazing stuff!

  24. i decided to skip the rip cutting was too painfull to bare:)

  25. Many thanks!

  26. Beautiful….awesome….Wish you only had the sound of your tools working
    which would put me there doing the work. Music doesn’t fit for me! Still,
    thumbs up!

  27. You must have arms of stone.

  28. What sizes were the wood you used at the start of the vid 0:16

  29. And what kind of wood is that?

  30. Gerhard Baumgartner

    Sehr gute und schöne Handwerkskunst. Danke!

  31. Dank für die Kommentare~

  32. Enjoyed watching a Master at work. The table is breathtakingly beautiful!
    Hope to someday have one of your works of art in my home.

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