Make a device charging station to organize your phones and gadgets

Organize your life! De-clutter those gadgets with this charging station.I made this one out of 1/2" and 1/4" plywood, but it would be a great project for using some of that exotic wood you've been saving.

If you would like to build this project, you can download a full set of free plans on my web site:


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  1. Now sell it to Ikea for $120

  2. I didn’t have one thing in this video

  3. exactly what I was thinking

  4. Ok I’m an Electronic Engineering Student at Fayetteville Tech CC. This is not going to get hot enough to even char the wood unless there is some sort of massive electrical problem in the chargers and surge protector. Yes the chargers do continue to work when they do not have a device plugged in to them but it is not a massive drain.Doing something as simple as replacing your water heater with an on demand tankless option is going to more than offset the cost of these chargers. So if you are really that concerned fix your houses electrical use first. And then shut the surge protector off when not in use. Wood is not synonymous with C-4 or napalm so I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.

  5. +Guy in the Rusty Truck If people on the internet were honest “but someone on the internet said something about heat and electricity that i only half remember, and it was like 4 years ago and it was on the internet so it must be true”

  6. Udo Symbiont Ziegenzottel

    So, the Sister of my friend has a workmate who used to buy in a store which was owned by a guy who once stood near a man that had nothing to do with electronics, so you can tell that I am absolutely qualified to tell you that if you even think about pluging this thing in, your house will instantly burn down, polluting the whole town and poisoning the water for half of the continet, causing a devestating riot that will spread around the world provoking the russians to intervene into afghanistan and thus leading to the next thermonuclear war that will end civilization and cast mankind to an endangered species on this planet, which will suffer significant scars that will never heal and possibly cause another long-lasting ice-age which will completly wipe out all life and so the whole universe will become a giant black hole which even god cannot escape.
    Trust me. I am qualified! *lol*

  7. Udo Symbiont Ziegenzottel

    *continet = continent *oops*

  8. I love all of ur project! want to make it but didnt hve that tools lol


  10. there are free plans in the description, go get them and build it yourself

  11. I happened? I can’t download the plans to the “charging station”.

  12. haaaaaa are kidding πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. I’m’a make one this week. Thanks.
    Keep the vids coming.

  14. Thanks for the idea i’ll make it in my school project! πŸ˜€

  15. Personally I think it would be better if you used more attractive wood instead of this ply wood.

  16. hola steve gracias por enseΓ±arnos tus trabajos SOS un genio harΓ© barios besotessssss de argentina

  17. +Udo Symbiont Ziegenzottel Seems legit. < __ <

  18. Hey Steve. I know this was posted a long time ago but I can’t find the plans on you website. Any help?

  19. +Steve Ramsey thank you

  20. seems like you could heve a heat problem with this design i sugest some holes for vents

  21. Dude you should sell these. I’d buy 3 for sure πŸ˜€
    The quality of your workmanship is A+

  22. Thanks Steve. Like it! I plan to use wood buttons in the charging cord access holes.

  23. Great video. Very happy I came across your channel! You got a sub from me.

  24. Hey Steve

  25. dont you dare to change wood working for electronics and gadgets. fear not the heat. jajajaj great job. lets say charging station $1.00 per 30 mins sign.

  26. Zac Harmer lq

  27. You’re awesome man!πŸ‘

  28. If it does get hot enough to char the wood, I suggest people stop buying Wun Hung Lo Chinese CRAP to power their devices. $500-1000 for the iDingus and $0.99 for the “2.4 AMP” “UL listed” charger that buzzes like a mosquito on Red Bull when you plug it in…

    A single multi-device USB power supply from a competent supplier (Anker and RAVPower keep coming up as decent) with QUALITY cables might save you a couple dollars a year on the power bill, though.

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