1. Damn, I really like that slat wall. Looks great John. You know, I’m trying
    to also make a dedicated spot for all my ‘things’ ; ) but I don’t worry too
    much about putting things back right after I use it…I typically wait
    until I finish a project to clean my shop….but it’s still nice for
    everything to have it’s place so that you can get it clean when you want
    to. Hope you are over that cold!

  2. +April Wilkerson Thanks April. That’s it – making a place for each tool to
    go will make it a lot easier to get it all put back, even if it’s hours or
    days (or weeks!) later.

  3. ahhhhh….the organization I can only dream of. Id love to see some info on
    the camera slider you made.

  4. Thanks Jay. I was going to do a short video on it plus a website article
    around the middle of the week.

  5. Great organization project, thanks for the video.

  6. Nice project. I’m curious how you are doing with keeping things on the
    board. Also wanted to ask if you like having those bigger tools up that

  7. +Angie Overton I’m sticking with it. I did a mini shop tour here:

    Love having the tools up high out of the way.

  8. The Wood Butcher

    What a GREAT Idea to basically force us, “Shop Slobs” to actually want to
    put tools and stuff back! My shop is kind of small. It’s 90% of our
    converted ‘Open Car Port’ to a 1 car garage with a 6′ extension that tapers
    down from ceilings of 20′ down to 6′ over a 24′ span. My floor space is
    actually 20’x24′. Your video taught me more about utilizing my working
    space. Thank You!!! >>Marcel…”The Wood Butcher’. P.S. Please visit my
    YouTube Channel, “The Wood Butcher”. I need help to grow from a shop slob
    to where I can find what I need when I need it!!! :-)

  9. Nicely done and very inspiring… Thanks, sir.

  10. Watching this was strangely satisfying. It’s like watching bat man suit up
    with all his gadgets. Nice work mister :]

  11. My favorite one! Great job man!

  12. JOHN THIS looks like an awesome tool storage system, my father-in-law had a
    similar system on pegboard and once he figured out the best spot to hang
    everything he traced around each tool with a sharpie magic marker so he
    knew which tool was missing and where it should be. Keep up the awesome

  13. nice

  14. Sterling John! Looks like art (the art in artisan). With all those tools
    loaded up it looks quite permanent – what is the idea then of the removable
    slats? Good, clear video. What about a video about shop layout (general

  15. Love it !

  16. Awesome job there John.

  17. Awesome idea!

  18. Nice… I would REALLY be interested in seeing how you re-furbish those old
    hand saws… Hope to see that video sometime.

  19. you need to teach this lol

  20. Way better than a pegboard

  21. You hanging that plywood cubby above your head while you stood on a bucket
    was one of the more unsafe things I have ever seen.

  22. Kudos! Looks like you lost a little light when you put those cubbys up
    there though.

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