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Lathe Workshop for Beginners Part 1, Turning

I am not an engineer by trade , all I know is self taught, the methods I show may not be the usual way to do things, but they work for me!

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


  1. Gotta love the sound of a lathe…

  2. Not used the idea of zeroing the scale before. Great idea. My concern is my
    verniers are not as good as yours and sometimes have a mind of there own !

  3. Zeroing is the best function of electronic measuring tools, takes all the
    maths out..

  4. Its a great idea and i will be using it tomorrow. thanks

  5. use metric system and you’ll be happy 🙂

  6. oh yea. every time i try turning a shaft like you turned as soon as i hit
    the steel with the blade the steel will start moving around even though its
    tight in the chuck

  7. HI

  8. +gamal elkhateeb “Lathe Workshop for Beginners”

  9. It would make me nervous running the cutter that close to the chuck…lol.

  10. good machin

  11. what kind of lathe are u using

  12. +JKGuitarPro I have a video showing the details of the lathe

  13. Nice and simple–to the point. I learned a few things here.

  14. CrossThread Aero Industries

    Very helpful, thanks for the share.

  15. Derrick Longshore

    Do you have a video for milling?

  16. +Derrick Longshore Not as such but if you look at some of my other videos
    you might pick up some tips.

  17. Are you using millimetres?

  18. +Sony William No, inches.

  19. Brandon Gillette

    Never would I ever step near ond of those wearing long sleeves.

  20. So satisfying to watch.

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  22. Excellent, simple video that shows a lot to a beginner without over
    complications. Will be putting this series on my phone as a reference for
    when my new lathe arrives. Think I’ll slip the crocks though. Thanks to
    myfordboy for helping newbies.

  23. Thanks for the tips on how to use caliper. I’ve never seen them used that
    way before.

  24. Gerhard Baumgartner

    Sehr gut erklärt! Danke!

  25. You should never use a digital vernier for measuring diameters as they are
    not accurate enough , always use a micrometer

  26. Sony William

  27. danke!

  28. inch system nice

  29. egypt 01007675030

  30. That would depend on the tolerance requirements for the part that you are

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