Joint with a Thickness Planer

Most shops use two machines to mill rough lumber—a jointer for flattening and a planer for thicknessing. But what if the stock is too wide for your jointer? Or what if you only have a planer? Fortunately, a simple sled, some shims and hot-melt glue are all you need to turn your planer into a wide-capacity jointer.

Updated: September 18, 2017 — 1:42 pm


  1. I don’t get why someone would dislike an instructional video like this? Great tip.

  2. Gina Always a VIP!

    Great Information thanks for sharing your video!

  3. Never too old to learn something new that works

  4. Good info

  5. I have a similar jig made of melamine. I put a stop on one end and then used double sided tape to hold down a rubbery cloth like material that you would put in a drawer or tool box drawer that keeps the board from moving. No glue is needed, it’s held up good. This does work well with wide boards, saves a lot of time. I still use a small jointer to put an edge on the board.

  6. 194,293 views 979 likes.  You just saved me $2000 in a decent jointer, I think I’m gonna like it.! Thanks.

  7. Wow, this is an awesome tip, thank you! This gave me an idea : instead of using glue and shims I plan on making a planer sled with dog holes that allow clamps to be put in that will stabilize the board.

  8. Thank you very much for doing this …… this has been a problem for me for a while and you have solved it for me thank you.

  9. AnthonyPaulO

    How is that going to work? You’ll clamp the edges somehow?

  10. made this and used it to thickness mahogany that was a bit wonky, worked a treat! better than i taught it would!
    thanks for this tip..

  11. This is perfect. Until I get a bigger shop, I don’t feel like building a planer sled jig that will require a ton of material, so this is perfect!

  12. Fantastic video straight to the point and simple I only wish for videos like this

  13. abstractsbybrian

    instead of mdf, wouldn’t 2 pcs of 1/2″ birch ply work ok? Would the hotglue stick to hard to the birch ply?

  14. Anthony William Rich Jr

    Great Instruction Thank You !

  15. all great except for one thing. before making the first cut, check both ends for the highest surface, if you don’t, you could take off a minuscule amount of stock at the beginning, but take too much off at the end, and cause damage to the planer.

  16. thanks. very smart for a beginner like me. greetings from france

  17. Brilliant video. Thanks.

  18. Very nicely done video…THANKS! It sounds silly, but I hadn’t thought about using ordinary shims for this! And the hot melt glue tip is a good one.

  19. Yeah I don’t get it either. Want to save several hundred dollars on not having to buy a jointer? not many other options than something like this.

  20. Great tip!

  21. Daemon Electricity

    Given the amount of time spent, it’s making that $400 bench jointer look pretty good.

  22. Good video

  23. Wow! My jointer is 6″ wide. Your idea gives me the ability to more than double it. Thanks! =)

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