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Jimbo's Channel is all about the "How To's" of metal and wood work.

See the can crusher in action here:

Over the past 20 years Jimbo's had built the ultimate MAN CAVE. Owning just about every tool that exists complimented by a sports media center makes Jimbo's Garage the best place to spend your weekend.

He does all kinds of projects for people of all skill ranges. Be sure to check back weekly for new videos and fun bits.

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Jimbo's Garage is a channel to find the how to's of welding, wood & other fun projects. Also see reviews on popular tool brands like HILTI, DEWALT, MIKITA, RYOBI and more!


  1. So awesome! Hope to have a workshop like this eventually. Being 18 and living in apartment makes it challenging to work on my car and other projects as often as I would like to. Great channel, new sub!

  2. Amazing workshop, i wish i had so much space

  3. Wow, that is sweet! My dream!!!

  4. I like those industrial shelves . Great organization . All of my stuff is just in a big pile lol. Great video thanks for sharing.

  5. Nicely organized. Love the can crusher.

  6. So mill videos coming soon?

  7. very nice!!everything you want in a garage

  8. Beautiful Garage Jimbo, From Soldotna,Alaska

  9. Thanks for watching Rene’, For Alaska, Jimbos garage!

  10. Very cool, very organised… i like it!

  11. You have a great garage Jimbo!

  12. great shop !!God bless!!!!!

  13. Thanks for watching Ray, Jimbo!

  14. This is the best man shed sweet setup

  15. Thanks for watching Corban, Jimbos garage!

  16. gooood👍✌💖

  17. very nice I like the way you organize the spray paint cans lot of cool stuff in there

  18. Great garage. Do yourself a favor and switch from soda to water…you will gain 10 years of life to enjoy your garage and life…

  19. Thanks for watching Jim, Ya your right!! Jimbos garage!

  20. Охуенный гараж

  21. hey jimbo how to u like the everlast stuff? im lookimg at getting into the everlast mig and plasma stuff. just wanma know how u feel about them

  22. Thanks for watching, I have a lot of Everlast equipment, I had a little problem with the plasma cutter that was my fault, But they fixed it. I have had no other problems, They work great! Jimbos garage!

  23. Jimbos Garage thanks buddy ill have to check them out

  24. This is awesome, do you have plans for the can crusher that thing was cool

  25. Thanks for watching, No sorry i don’t. Jimbos garage!

  26. WOW !!!

  27. Awesome video. Love your garage (or as my dad would say goo-rawge). Just bought a house and organizing mine. Great ideas Jimbo!

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