JBL Heaven!! KENRICK SOUND Facility Tour (Office, Showroom, Workshop, Storage and Warehouse)

Webcam in our showroom



  1. Wow! What I need to know to work there? 

  2. spricht auch deutsch, nicht schlecht ;)

  3. well yes…id like to work there =)

  4. what i have to do to work there?

  5. any place you go there is playing nice sonds! is that the paradise?

  6. hihihi you have the best kid’s room ever my friend

  7. 少量が秩序と清潔さについて、そしてそこ(に・で)そうであるお嬢さんがガラス羊毛注意について私の友人を浪費する場所

  8. Awesome company. Enjoyable the way they are doing it with lucide

  9. Денис Ермухамедов

    Hi. I want to buy SONY SUP-T11. Can you sell 1 pair? or 1 driver? Regards

  10. hi there

    I am person who like sound/music and I like to build speakers enclosure to
    gain quality sound, I am a electronic guy building a equipment that
    connected to music or sound. building it is already my fashion and i really
    enjoy it so much. I wish i worked at your very nice company to enhance my
    knowledge about everything in the audio system. And thanks for sharing your
    company. God Bless by rexcarp@yahoo.com

  11. Me parece una empresa impresionante que ya le gustaría a más de uno
    trabajar en un lugar como ese incluyéndome yo mismo seria el trabajo ideal
    y el sitio, compartiendo afición y trabajo.

  12. Sergeo Kirzhakoff

    А у нас в какой кабинет не зайди, везде чай пьют с баранками!))

  13. What track is playing at 4:00?

  14. Dennie Mahne (DrDennieJay)

    how can i get a poster like yours in bathroom ? i really love it :)

  15. Classic stuff but what a mess!

  16. year nonstop very good

  17. 2:06 jazz castle in the sky? where can I buy??

  18. porra de norte americano JBL o melhor a logomarca e selenium JBL vc depende
    de mim n ganhar um centavo meu vou mudar pra EROS. JBL vai se fuder

  19. Thank you so much, Mr. Kenrick for this tour. This, ladies and gentlemen is
    where the magic happens!

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