Japanese Chisels Presented by Japan Woodworker

Japanese Woodworking Chisels are handmade and forged individually by skilled craftsmen. Scott Phillips interviews Phil Fuentes about Japanese Chisels – which are available at Japan Woodworker or at participating woodcraft stores nationwide.


  1. It’s tough to begin a wood working project. I had created wasted so much
    time & money on my previous work. Then I discovered the reason, that’s I
    didn’t have a exact program & diagram. I always let things even worse when
    it can be repaired simply if I had some experience. Then I found a
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  2. Blah, Plain talking.

  3. I would have liked to see a demonstration of the mori nomi chisel. 

  4. does not have to have a prick or a strap on
    Nail !! nail Gun Nailed her last boy friend . if this is her true photo ,
    she is a very lovely lady indeed , and i have met many Foxy wood working
    women in my 60 years ,
    years ago i knew three German women . who could Make love like minks and
    frame a House in a couple days , nothing big big normal house ,their
    Father and grandfather were Carpenters this includes Roofer as well .

  5. Georgina .. Diagrams are alright but their are times one should expand
    their mind and think about what they are doing you can always remove
    wood but you cannot add it bad , I know you can do it , just put that hair
    dryer closer to your ear when you are getting a refill and leave the heat
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  6. Scott Phillips is the worst instructor on TV. I wouldn’t hire him to be a
    Junior High/Middle School shop teacher. I wouldn’t even pay him to build a
    bird house. Give me Roy Undersell and Norm Abram any day of the week.

  7. +Lucky B wtf

  8. Mark what do you mean wtf … wtf back atcha ..

  9. if the hair dryer is not fast enough the try the air compressor just make
    sure itbis at a low setting not to blow the ear drum out

  10. Worlds best salesman lol.

  11. fellow in the black shirt was CERTAINLY not the best salesman

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