Jamie Hyneman On Welding in His Workshop

The high shelves lining the walls of Jamie's workshop hold storage bins with build materials for every possible occasion, but the shelves themselves are fascinating as well. Jamie talks about how he designed and built these shelves himself–not with woodwork, but with welding.


  1. Nobody cares if you are a MIG expert. Mig is easy and pays pennies. You can
    brag when you can TIG weld a hotdog to a doorknob

  2. I could listen to Jamie talk about things like this for hours!

  3. I love listening to Jamie talk technical – even if I don’t always get the

  4. +Dan iel Same here, Hell I have been for the past 4 hrs lol

  5. I Think the m in mig stands for methane.

  6. haha no worries.

  7. Methane is flammable! Dont use methane!

  8. And a liberal application of mustard flux

  9. this is like welding for infants. he could not dumb it down anymore.

  10. mig isn’t even the proper term, its GMAW

  11. +Jason Peterson yes but mig rolls off the tongue slightly better than GMAW

  12. if just they were scottish…

  13. sponsered by hobart

  14. you can brag when you can weld aluminum soda cans together

  15. I’m working on that. but im running out of cans. I NEED MORE BEER!!!

  16. i would not believe that jamie would take a chance on burning his hand and
    taking a chance on getting an electrial shock if his hand accidently
    touches the ground lead always protect your skin from burns especially hot
    metal also the importance of wearing the proper welding protective gear
    gloves welding helmet filter resperator welding jacket and hat to protect
    hair and skin on top of head with any type of welding safety is upmost and
    use the vent system to avoid breathing fumes that can make you sick retired

  17. he loves saying uh and um

  18. I cannot. My welding teacher managed but rather crappily with holes.

  19. It’s more than just striking an arc! You need to know what amp, wire speed
    and wire size to use for the metal you’re welding. I was a government
    certified mig welder for 10 years. You need proper ventilation as well.
    That stuff can ruin your lungs.

  20. I see it’s been a couple months since you posted, but figured i’d reply.
    I’m assuming you have a small buzz box with AC only, thus the 6013. They do
    have 7018 now that is designed for AC. I haven’t run them myself, only
    heard about them. They are supposed to be “OK”, but don’t run as well as
    the “normal” 7018 that run on dcrp. I’m pretty sure it’s Lincoln that sells
    a 7018 for AC

  21. +Drunken Moose the problem isnt the welder, but the suppliers. In my
    country we can only get 6013 for some reason. 6011 Or 6012 can also do ac

  22. Jamie is like an old school 1920s boxer with a mustache. Kinda wish he was
    my neighbor or something he seems to know a lot and I do stuff like this
    all the time. many projects with tips and tricks.

  23. Really love that table. It’s the right size for standing, narrow when you
    need to save space and expand or have two tables when you need it, and
    because it’s sqaure steel tubing as oppose to wood construction it’s pretty
    sturdy. Could have one of these in my garage and still have space for my

  24. More videos like this please!!

  25. Kieran Smith Hasn’t Jamie left tested?

  26. Love this , is there another video with design details on the shelves?

  27. Jamie is gone.

  28. Dan Sneyd people say mig tig stick and flux core all the time but when you
    look at some machines they use GMAW or CV when you look at prints they use
    GMAW or TYP for typical all the processes have there own thing like stick
    is SMAW

  29. Joe Smith good,hes so annoying

  30. Grinder and paint, makes me the welder I ain’t.

  31. Tomas Pena (JTacer)

    That was the longest sentence I’ve ever seen in my life

  32. BPM Productions of Colorado

    Even simpler… Wear ALL your PPE when you’re welding.

  33. When you can weld aluminum soda / beer cans together with a *stick* welder,
    you can brag… 🙂

    Hell, I’m lucky if I can go a couple of hours welding 16-gauge square steel
    tubing together without a burn through when I’m stick welding. I’ve done a
    lot of welding of fences and such on the family ranch back in my younger
    days and never had a problem with the drill stem pipe we were using, but
    when I started making projects out of 16-gauge square tubing, I quickly
    found my limits. 🙂

  34. Is it true though? Just like using a hot glue gun? Seems much more
    complicated than that…

  35. mig yeah, with stick you are applying the rod to your surface as it’s
    melted/layed down and can be tricky; distance angle, speed. (this applies
    to mig as-well) Sounds complicated but really meditative hell i forget to
    breath when laying a bead but that’s just inexperience trying to get a
    perfect run every time.

  36. Pretty much. Mig welding is very easy and anybody could do it. But when it
    gets to the other processes and welding to code it becomes very difficult.

  37. The heated metal will not absorb too much Nitrogen during welding, as it’s
    an inert Gas. It’s oxygen most welders are afraid of.

  38. You are correct, at least if it is in the form of N2. But in nitrous oxides
    which are found a lot in our atmosphere they can still bond to the steel
    and oxidize the weld, so using Argon and/or CO2 as a shielding gas or using
    a flux core wire are good ways to keep as many oxidizing gases out of the
    weld as possible.

    This is all coming from my grandfather, he was a navy yard welder, and he
    was also in charge of training everyone lol.

  39. let’s all recite the welders creed as led by AvE

  40. Cellomaster1234 I agree, oxygen in nearly all forms influence steel during
    welding in an unwanted way. So it does in the form as nitrous oxide.
    Nevertheless Oxygen is the only (main) problem the type of welder has, who
    sees Jamie’s explainations as new information.

  41. Oh I agree, but as we’ve seen watching Mythbusters, Jamie has been known to
    misspeak a number of times before lol

  42. Hey Jamie/Adam I have a Question.New to welding.Actually wanting to
    learn.Being wacthing some of your videos.Enjoying them.Don’t have much
    space to do my DIY projects.Looking at the following welders and wondering
    your valued input.All are IGBT. Everlast Power arc 200st 2in1 110/220v for
    $460 on ebay. Shimaha 200amp 2 in 1 110/220v $260. DR by Amico 200amp 2in1
    115/220v $279. WS-200D 2in1 200amp 110/220v $228. All are Tig/Arc. What do
    you know and or think.


  43. If a zombie apocalypse happens, I know who to call :P

  44. Obviously. What, did you expect him to cram all the nuances and details of
    the various welding methods into that short of a video and still make it

  45. Anton Helsgaun 6018

  46. +Joey LaFont I got 2 from a pro welder. I can’t find any

  47. This was uploaded 5 years ago…..

  48. Over simplified and dumbed down.. Listening to this made my ears bleed.
    Nice machine set up though.

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